Activate your senses with our unique blends

Activate your senses with our unique blends

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Fragrance has a powerful effect on your wellbeing, enhancing your sense of balance. Read the story behind our mood-boosting fragrances.

Every product we create is designed to enhance a sense of balance and promote wellbeing with our magic three – the right ingredients, perfume and texture. Our founders, Clare and Rebecca, work closely with our perfumer in Dorset, UK, to formulate therapeutic blends using only the best essential oils. When you smell our products, you’ll notice straight away that there’s a natural scent, never over powering, always nurturing and completely unique.

By using these carefully blended aromas our products have mood-boosting properties. Whether it's a cleanser that invigorates you at the start of your day, or an oil to help you calm and unwind, our passion is to find the right blend of essential oils.

This passion for aromatherapeutic products stems from Clare discovering the aromatherapy practice when she was 18. She was able to use the power of essential oils to help her healing process when she became sick while traveling. She understood how the right blend can have a positive impact on your wellbeing and bring a sense of balance back into your life, which is why aroma is at the heart of everything we create.

So take a deep breath, inhale our carefully blended essential oils, and bring a sense of balance back into your life.

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