Best products for eczema prone skin

Best products for eczema prone skin

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Our recommended products perfect for treating inflamed, itchy and dry skin.

Understanding how to manage your eczema or prevent flare-ups is half the battle, so here we give you a run down of products perfect for treating inflamed, itchy and dry skin.

To prevent a flare up:
Use our Super Moisturising Body Wash or Rose Otto Body Wash in the shower. The Super Moisturising Body Wash is designed for dry skin as it is packed full of essential fatty acids necessary for helping to support the skin’s infrastructure and compensate for the lack of naturally occurring fats and oils. When washing the skin, it is at it’s most fragile so Benzoin essential oil supports and softens the skin whilst wet and delicate. Our Rose Otto Body Wash boasts a blend of pure Rose Otto, palma rosa and rose geranium essential oils which calm, soothe and balance the skin. Perfect for the whole family – from baby skin to mature skin! This wash made for those who suffer with allergy prone/sensitive skin.

Follow with our Super Moisturising Body Oil, the perfect insurance against dry and cracked skin. This body oil contains coconut, jojoba and wheat germ meaning it is bursting with those all-important essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins to keep skin supple. Neroli works to revitalize skin whilst providing healing benefits to parched, sensitive and reactive skin. Alternatively, our Rose Otto Body Oil or Rose Otto Body Balm fortify delicate and sensitive skin by optimizing cell production and deeply hydrating skin with Abyssinian and rosehip oil. Once again, practical for the whole family and those suffering allergies – smooth over dry skin or drop a capful into your bath! Oils are ideal to use from day-to-day when keeping flare-ups at bay as they penetrate the skin and work to keep the natural oils in your skin balanced, compensating for the lack of fats and oils present in healthy skin.

To minimize the symptoms of a flare up:
Continue to use our sulphate-free, gentle washes to keep skin nourished when it is wet and at it’s most vulnerable.

After patting skin dry, apply a layer of our Wake Up Lotion. Rich in Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to nourish, hydrate and soothe sore skin. Creams sit on the skin longer than oils, taking more time to sink in and providing an additional supportive layer during a flare-up.

For particularly dry and angry patches of skin, use our Super Moisturising Hand Cream. This best seller is multi-functional and a handbag essential for on-the-go care to nourish aggravated skin. Don’t be put off by the fact this is primarily a hand cream – the shea butter base provides skin with deep nourishment and protection, as it is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Our skin-conditioning formula will help hydrate stubborn dry patches of skin all over the body.

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