Dry skin or dehydrated skin? Which type are you?

Dry skin or dehydrated skin? Which type are you?

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Are you making one of the most common skincare mistakes? Often used interchangeably, dry and dehydrated skin are not the same thing

Is your skin looking a little dull and sallow? Do you have fine lines around the inner corners of your eyes? Think you’ve got dry skin? It’s probably dehydrated. One of the most common skincare mistake is getting dry skin and dehydrated skin confused, and mistreating them as a result. Crucially, dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin lacks water. Most people have the latter.

How can you tell which one you have?

If your skin is dry, it is likely to feel and look tight and most probably be prone to some flaky patches. Dry skin is normally something that you’re born with; it’s a skin type, which doesn’t often change, but can be treated. If you have dehydrated skin, the lack of water can cause it to look dull and sallow and you may have fine, vertical lines in the inner corners of your eyes. A simple test to check if you have dehydrated skin is the ‘pinch’ test. Simply pinch your cheek, and if small horizontal lines appear, this tends to mean dehydration.

What’s the best way to treat dry skin?

The best thing you can use on your skin if it’s dry is oil. Especially one packed with fatty acids. Our Radiance Face Oil is great for dry skin. It contains Buriti Nut Oil, which is bursting with essential fatty acids so helps improve elasticity, firmness, hydration and tone. It works even harder if you lock in the oil with a layer of face cream on top. To keep dry skin hydrated, our head facial therapist Mandy recommends exfoliating gently once or twice a week (to remove dry/flaky skin) with our Radiance Face Mask. “Simply apply the mask and wait for 5 minutes. Then wipe it off, but don’t scrub as this could be too much.”

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