Festival Hair; The ultimate guide

Festival Hair; The ultimate guide

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The secret to great festival hair...

We all expect we won’t be able to have a shower when heading to a festival; however this may fill some of us with dread. Luckily there are ways of keeping clean without running water. We’ve teamed up with Remington to get some tips on how to keep your hair looking as clean as possible, even when there is no running water and a lot of muddy fields!

Last minute washing
If you can’t wash it while you’re there, make sure you rinse your hair out thoroughly at the last possible moment before you set off. Avoid using too many styling products as these can clog up the hair follicles and cause your hair to become oily quicker. A natural look is best, to make your hair look more voluminous you should dry it out with a hair dryer.

Keep your hair off your face
After the first day, try to keep your hair away from your face as this may cause it to become greasy quicker as it comes into contact with the oils from your skin. Try styling it in a gorgeous up-do to maintain a cool festival vibe.

Dry shampoo
Sold in all large pharmacies and supermarkets, dry shampoo will definitely prolong the life of your hair. It works by drying out the oils in your hair and minimising the appearance of grease. You can even buy mini travel size bottles perfect for a festival weekend away.

Tie it up at night
Keep your hair tied up loosely at night (unless it is braided already) so it doesn’t become tangled or in contact with your skin.

Avoid touching your hair too much
It may be tempting, especially when taking selfies, to smooth down your hair constantly. This can cause hair to become dirty faster as the oils, sweat and dirt from your hands transfer to your head.

Don’t put any products in your hair
With the exception of dry shampoo, dousing your hair in balms, gels and sprays will make it become dirtier much quicker as well as way it down with the excess oil and product.

Keep your face clean too
Dry shampoo may be on your list of things to take, but remembering looking after your face is crucial too.  Cleansing your skin of make up at the end of every day with Flash Cleanse Micellar Water will prevent your hair from becoming greasy overnight from the oils in your pores. See our selection of festival hero’s here.

For more tips and inspiration, check out Remington’s guide to festival hair which shows you how to keep your hair looking clean and gorgeous over an entire weekend. From strategic braiding to prepping your hair before you go, complete your festival look with their handy tips.

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