Finding Balance with Beauty and Wellbeing Expert, Lisa Oxenham

Finding Balance with Beauty and Wellbeing Expert, Lisa Oxenham

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They say that finding balance in life is the key to happiness. Whether you like to read a book, apply a face mask or spend time with friends and family to find yours, we all need that little bit of head space, not just for our own mental wellbeing but for the wellbeing of others around us too. So, in the name of finding that extra dose of happiness and helping you make tweaks to regulate your lifestyle, we chatted to Lisa Oxenham, a beauty and wellness expert as part of our Finding Balance campaign.

When it comes to wellbeing, Lisa Oxenham is your girl. Not only is she a fountain of knowledge in the beauty industry, she’s also an advocate for mental health, knows her stuff when it comes to sustainability and environmental issues and specialises in identifying the link between beauty and emotional health. This is why Lisa and our Finding Balance campaign are the perfect fit. But how does she find balance in her life?

It all starts with freedom. “Letting go of control, letting things fall into place on their own and being open to taking risks is key,” she says. Getting your priorities straight and learning how to speak up helps her too; “Knowing what matters is the first step, which sometimes means saying no to things.” She is also a firm believer in having time to reflect and making time for solo activities like going for a run in the woods, or swimming in the lake. “This helps me to identify tensions and work out ways to make adjustments,” she explains. And don’t forget, exercise and fresh air can be found whatever your location. “You don’t have to live in the countryside to get your nature fix. Even London has over 3,000 parks.” Now, if that doesn’t make us pull on our trainers and steal an hour of me-time in the fresh air, we don’t know what will.

So that’s Lisa’s life balance, but what about her skin? Here are her top 3 Balance Me products: 

1. Ceramide Barrier Booster, £33 - Gives the natural skin barrier its balancing fix and hydrates it to the max. It’s the perfect blend of lightweight, strengthening and soothing. 

2. Pre and Probiotic Cleansing Milk, £22 – Wave goodbye to each and every trace of the day with this calming, clearing and brightening cleanser. You won’t find a more balancing cleansing formula than this. 

3. Super Firming Body Oil, £22 – One of Balance Me’s original and iconic products, this oil firms and smoothes the skin using purifying juniper, bergamot and geranium.

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