Get Your Glow On

Get Your Glow On

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Turn your daily moisturiser into self-tanning skincare. How? Simply add several drops of ‘sun-free’ sunshine, blend and customise your glow.

It feels good to glow. We get it. We all love a spot of Vitamin D. It’s good for the soul. It helps boost our mood, unleash happy hormones, instil more confidence somehow in our outward appearance as we shed our winter woollies in favour of lighter materials.

But we also know the dangers posed by UVA and UVB rays and the ageing effects they have on our skin. That’s why we created our Gradual Tanning Drops; to bottle the sunshine and blend it with our daily moisturiser 365 days of the year. And what’s more, unlike some other self-tanning drops out there, ours works just as effectively blended with your face cream or body lotion. One product, multiple glow!

How do (self-) tanning drops work?

Our liquid drops are created using naturally derived DHA (dihydroxyacetone): we source ours from rapeseed. DHA is a simple sugar which reacts with amino acids found in keratin, the main component of your skin. These reactions are known as melanoidins and vary in colour from yellow through to brown. Simply put: when applied, DHA reacts with the dead cells in your skin’s surface layer to temporarily darken the skin and stimulate a tan. The final colour achieved with DHA will depend on your own skin composition and explains why not everyone gets the same level of colour from the same product. If in doubt, start low with your blending and build your optimum colour over time.

Our quick and easy guide to customise your dosage.

All our creams blend seamlessly with our Gradual Tanning Drops. Just don’t mix with an oil. You’ll be disappointed with the results. Remember to base your dosage on how easily you usually tan when exposed to the reverse.

+ 2 drops = radiant glow

+ 4 drops = skin-kissed glow

+ 5-8 drops = golden glow

+ 9-12 drops = bronzed glow

How long do tanning drops last?

We usually find after three to four days; the tanning effect will fade and you’ll need to reach for your drops and repeat. Remember the more you add, the more your natural tan will build over time. It’s fun to experiment and you can patch test on those hidden limbs in the winter if you’re unsure what results to expect.

Shop now for a tan that’s gradual, buildable and customised to your personal preferences. You’ll feel sunnier and more ‘vital’ as a result. it’s quick and easy and a safer alternative to the real deal!

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