My Balance: Fran Bacon

My Balance: Fran Bacon

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As befits the woman behind The Fashion Lift, Fran has a background in fashion buying. She shares daily style and beauty inspiration via her Instagram feed @thefashion_lift  and blog (

What does balance mean to you?

Balance, to me, is the pursuit of keeping everyone happy including myself: impossible but it is a daily goal. It’s about understanding and defining the important things in life and letting go of the unimportant. It is also about having a huge bit of cake with a cuppa at 11am!

Favourite simple pleasures?

My personal simple pleasure is to go to Selfridges (honestly that place calms me!) by myself for an afternoon and immerse myself in all things designer and luxe (I can’t afford them I just love looking)!

Comfort read of choice?

Red magazine. A cup of coffee, an almond croissant and Red magazine is my idea of Saturday morning heaven...

What do you do to express yourself creatively?

I blog and Instagram, I love it, it’s what goes on my head anyway, I spend every spare moment looking at trends, what’s new on the high street, Pinterest etc, I always have since I was little so it is so good to share it.

Which self-care ritual that makes you feel good?

I love having a long soak in the bath, getting into a bed (made with fresh linen) in my favourite Hush pyjamas, popping on a Balance Me Congested Skin Sheet Mask, and reading a great book, with my favourite candle lit beside me. To me, that is pure indulgent heaven.

Favourite Balance Me product?

Tricky I adore them all! I can’t live without the Vitamin C Repair Serum, also obsessed with the Gradual Tanning Drops.

Fran Bacon; @thefashion_lift

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