Oil or cream?

Oil or cream?

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If you’re still in doubt about the difference between a facial oil or moisturiser, let us explain.

It helps to think of skin as needing water as well as food – actually quite like our bodies in fact. Facial oils offer concentrated nourishment while moisturisers are the water element. Oils are incredibly skin-compatible, having a structure that’s not dissimilar to our skin’s own sebum. In fact, oils can actually inhibit production of sebum, almost by tricking the skin into thinking it’s produced enough oil of its own.

Oils can be used in any of the following ways.

  1. Alone on cleansed skin (face, neck, chest) to calm redness, sensitivity or simply to nourish and protect the skin night and day
  2. As a rejuvenating boost to your cream-based moisturiser. We like to add Rose Otto Face Oil to Moisture Rich Face Cream
  3. Directly onto rosacea or psoriasis patches to help soothe and calm. Never put on broken skin
  4. Direct to cheeks as a highlighter for a safe, sun-less glow
  5. On to cuticles if you’ve run out of our Stellar Balm or to tame/smooth unruly hair
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