Our Collagen Boost Range

Our Collagen Boost Range

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Five minutes with our Peptide experts. We discover the ingredients in our Collagen Boost range.

1. Why are peptides so important?

Proteins are often used in personal care products as they are great at forming a film on the skin, helping to lock in vital moisture. Proteins are large molecules and so cannot pass through our skin making this an effective barrier protecting us from harm.

However, in personal care we sometimes need more activity than just moisturisation. By breaking down proteins into smaller building blocks, also known as peptides, we can create a very small molecule which has a targeted and specific anti-aging activity.

Peptides are made of two or more amino acids and these small protein fragments usually work to stimulate the production of collagen by signalling to skin cells and telling them how to function. Peptides are most commonly used in beauty products to combat signs of ageing by encouraging the skin to rebuild its own collagen.

To combat the signs of aging, it is important to incorporate peptides into personal care products to encourage the skin to rebuild its own collagen.

2. Our Collagen Boost peptide is pea derived – what makes peas so powerful when promoting healthy skin?

Although at first appearance the pea is simple, don't be fooled as this small, green vegetable is also mighty!

Peas are rich in protein, with a high bioavailability of essential amino acids compared to other vegetables or fruit. Essential amino acids work as vital building blocks of collagen in the body, and are described as ‘essential’ as they cannot be synthesised and can only be obtained through a balanced diet. As life has become more fast-paced and people are looking for quick and easy meals to squeeze in-between other tasks, it can sometimes be hard to find this balance which can lead to a deficiency in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Often this deficiency can be reflected in the condition of our skin and hair. By priming the skin with vital nutrients it needs, we can provide much needed nourishment for a restored and healthy aesthetic.

Our Pisum Sativum (Pea) Peptide is a unique ingredient because itnot only provides a balance of essential amino acids, but it also has a potent antioxidant activity helping to protect the skin and its structural proteins from the stresses of everyday.

3. What makes the skin supporting ingredients found in our Restore and Replenish range so unique?

Collagen is the fourth most abundant protein in the body and a building block of our skin. With age Collagen production decreases and its degradation increases, meaning that the skin becomes thinner and more prone to showing wrinkles and fine lines. In personal care collagen is often used as an ingredient, however as this is a large molecule it sits on the skin creating a film. Collagen in cosmetics does work well as a great moisturiser, however it will not affect the skin’s own collagen production.

Tripeptide-29 is a three-chain amino acid sequence and a component of collagen. This small peptide provides a targeted anti-ageing activity by encouraging the production of our own skin collagen and slowing the breaking down of our own skin collagen. In other words; this potent peptide helps to promote a more healthy and youthful appearance by encouraging the skin to rebuild its own collagen.While Collagen works as a moisturiser, Tripeptide-29 works as a truly unique anti-aging active that tells skin cells to replenish its own reserve of collagen.


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