Soothe Tired Eyes

Soothe Tired Eyes

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Whose eyes are SO very tired of all this screen time? If you’ve been suffering from tired eyes lately, who hasn’t, keep reading to discover our top tips to have you and your eyes feeling better in no time.

Splash your face with cold water

Cold water helps to reduce any inflammation around the eye area. Close your eyes and splash away for a bit of temporary relief.

Take breaks

We’ve all been spending so much more time at our screens then normal. To avoid tired eyes, take both mini and longer breaks to allow your eyes to rest.

For mini breaks, follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away from you, for 20 seconds. This gives your eye muscles time to relax.

For longer breaks, get up and stretch your legs, neck and back while closing your eyes.

Apply a compress

A sure-fire way to relieve tired eyes is applying a warm or cold compress like a relaxing lavender eye pillow. A warm compress will relax the eye muscles and a cool compress will help increase blood flow to your eyes. Both will help reduce swelling and make your eyes appear more alert and awake.

Try a palming exercise

Place both your palms over your eyes in a cupping motion while your eyes are closed. Not only will this help relived any irritation and pain in the eye socket, the darkness will also help rest eyes.

Exercise your eyes.

We loved this advice from one our community on Instagram: “Like the rest of our bodies our eyes need to exercise and I do this by looking up, left, down and right every time I finish a meeting".

Apply an eye cream

To help reduce puffiness, hydrate and reduce dark circles for brighter, more awake eyes, try our award-winning Wonder Eye Cream. We love to keep it in the fridge for extra depuffing power.

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