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Ceramides are the unsung heroes of skincare, heralded by beauty experts for protecting the skin barrier, minimising the appearance of wrinkles and improving the skin’s overall texture.

So what are Ceramides?

Ceramides are considered the building blocks of skin; the mortar between skin cells (the bricks). They are a class of fatty acids called lipids, naturally found in skin cells and they crucially hold skin together, helping to create a strong skin barrier and lock in moisture. By strengthening the skin barrier, your skin feels more in balance.

Introducing our new Ceramide Barrier Booster!

We have been working on the launch of our new Ceramide Barrier Booster for quite some time, knowing what a brilliant active ingredient ceramides are and how kind they can be on your skin. Our new Ceramide Barrier Booster is uniquely formulated with a Ceramide Complex and our cocktail of high-performance, natural, science-led actives that you have come to expect from Balance Me.

The Ceramide Barrier Booster formula combines Ceramides 1, 3 and 6, Essential Fatty Acids, Skin Identical Lipids, Cholesterol and Phytosphingosine - and the very clever part - a ceramide precursor to help upper layers of the skin produce more ceramide so that your skin protects itself better. Vitamin F treats the skin to high-potency Essential Fatty Acids to repair, maintain and balance the skin’s natural barrier function to leave skin hydrated, smooth and healthy. Tiger Grass (from Centella Asiatica leaves), rich in antioxidants, helps to soothe and bring comfort to a compromised skin barrier, while Oatmeal helps to soothe, calm and comfort your skin.

It is a brilliant option for all skin types including sensitive skin. The fragrance-free formula acts as a wonderful treatment for stressed, sensitive skin prone to redness, and severe dryness. Plus, it’s great for anyone that has exposed their skin to regular use of ingredients like Vitamin A and acids who may be experiencing sensitivity as a result and need to restore some balance.

Don't just take our word for it!

Our Beauty Panel took it to the test for 30 days and we’ve been blown away by the feedback.

89% said the product helped to calm and rebalance their skin

92% said their skin texture felt smoother

100% of those with compromised skin said their skin was less compromised and repaired

98% of those that had dry skin saw a reduction in dryness

100% of those with dehydrated skin felt their skin was less dehydrated

82% of those that experienced redness saw a reduction in redness

71% of those with acne/blemishes saw an improvement

70% of those with fine lines and wrinkles saw a reduction

The new Ceramide Barrier Booster is the first launch within our new ‘booster’ category and the clue is in the name; they give your skin and existing regime a major boost to balance skin. Consider them a targeted treatment with a high concentration of ingredients blended for specific skin concerns. They allow you to customise your regime and give your skin an extra boost when it needs it most.

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