Tailor Your Summer Glow

Tailor Your Summer Glow

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Hands up if you’ve had a self-tan disaster or been burnt to a crisp in the midday sun? A quick straw poll at the school gate in preparation for this blog unleashed a host of bronzing tales from biscuit-y smelling bedding to self-inflicted tiger stripes that lasted for several days. There were even those who admitted, albeit in hushed tones that they willingly spent their youthful years rotating in their local tanning salon, as their bodies turned from a paler shade to a burnished hue.

Thanks to our Gradual Tanning Drops, they need be no turning back to those woeful habits of old. If you’re looking for a tan that’s gradual, buildable and customised to your personal preference, our sunshine in a bottle is your perfect partner. They will not disappoint.

They’re hydrating, fuss free, odour and streak free, and help you to achieve a healthy, sun-kissed glow sans sunshine! Simple.

Our Gradual Tanning Drops offer a tailormade approach to tanning with potent, naturally derived liquid drops that you blend with your favourite cream (face or body) for an effortless glow that feels just right and complements your skin tone. You can control the depth of colour and the frequency of use. Just don’t add to an oil, they work best with a cream.

In terms of the formulation, the drops are made with skin nourishing, bio-active ingredients like aloe vera, rapseed oil and Vitamin E and without sulphates, parabens or silicones to name just a few. Balance Me has a strict brand mission in terms ingredients and we place equal importance on what we put into our award-winning formulations as to what we choose to leave out.

Simply add 1 to 4 drops (face) and 5 to 8 drops (body) to your daily cream and blend evenly over skin. The more drops you add, the deeper you’ll bronze.  Allow to dry. Wash hands well after application. 

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