Tanning tips for a year-round glow

Tanning tips for a year-round glow

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Suffering from spray tan streaks or a spot of unplanned sunburn? Find out how to get that natural glow with our honestly natural Gradual Tanning Drops.

Gone are the days of uneven, streaky fake tan disasters. Say hello to our award-winning Gradual Tanning Drops, the best self tanner (if we do say so ourselves), that will help you achieve a gradual, bespoke and even sun-kissed complexion without the need to step out into the sun!

A great addition to your existing skincare routine, our Gradual Tanning Drops have a non-sticky consistency and are non-comedogenic. No smell, no streaks, no fuss and no blocked pores!


For use morning and night, Our Gradual Tanning Drops work with the highest quality, naturally derived tanning actives (DHA), from rapeseed oil. DHA is a simple sugar which reacts with amino acids in keratin, the main component of skin. These reactions are known as melanoidins and vary in colour from yellow through to brown.

The result of adding your daily dose of glow will depend on your own unique skin colour and skin composition. This explains why we don’t all achieve the same level of colour from using the same self-tanning product. We’ve set the DHA at the highest possible level in our award-winning formulation, so two drops will give your skin a healthy radiance, four + drops and the colour will deepen to a golden ‘sun-kissed’ glow, in accordance to your skin’s natural tan response to sunlight outdoors.


We have a number of tanning tips to help you achieve a perfectly even glow. Our self-tan mantra is no fuss, no mess, no odour, no harmful UV rays

1) A little goes a long way...
Simply add 1-4 drops to your face or body cream, AM or PM – the results are the same. Gradually build the dosage and test the results over several days. One key point to note: our drops prefer to be mixed with a creamy base. Don’t add this formulation to a face or body oil as you won’t enjoy the same results.

2) Be a Glow-getter
When using the Gradual Tanning Drops on our face, we like to mix them with our Moisture Rich Face Cream as this rose-infused texture is like wearing a silk stocking on your skin. Remember to use an SPF during the day to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays as the Gradual Tanning Drops do not provide any sun protection.

3) All over glow
If you want your tan to extend beyond your face we suggest pairing the drops with our velvet-ifying Rose Otto Body Cream or skin-cooling Wake Up Lotion. These dreamy duos will hydrate and smooth, nourish and protect.

4) Prep to perfect...
As with all tanning products, ensure you exfoliate regularly and moisturise and do not apply to hot skin. And it goes without saying, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water after application to avoid any staining of the skin.

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