Top 4 anti aging tips

Top 4 anti aging tips

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Youth is a state of mind and attitude is a great place to begin! Here's our top tips to keep skin youthful.

Here are some simple guidelines, combining small lifestyle changes with how to use your products, to get you started:

1. Follow a regime.
Invest a little time at the beginning and end of your day to put your skin care routine into practice – trust us, it will have a huge impact! All natural skin care product will help bring your skin back into balance, minimising skin care concerns without causing others.

a. Contrary to popular belief, it is important to wash your face in the morning. Overnight our skin rejuvenates itself, shedding dead skin cells as well as perspiration and oils/moisturisers used the night before will be sitting on the surface of our skin. Some may prefer a face wash or cream cleanser for a refreshing cleanse, whereas others may prefer nourishing balms, removed with warm cloths. In the evening, do not shy away from a second cleanse if you live/work in a busy city and/or wear makeup. A first cleanse will remove surface grime and makeup, whilst a second cleanse will cleanse your skin.

b. Next, treat your concern with a product that will penetrate the skin to target your concern. Depending on your personal concerns, this could be anything from an on-the-spot plumper like our Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum, combat ageing and brighten skin with our Vitamin C Repair Serum or an oil such as our Radiance Face Oil to hydrate, calm and boost luminosity over night. 

c. Complete the regime with a moisturiser that will deal with the surface of the skin, ensuring you do not have a feeling of tight-ness or flakiness if you suffer from dry skin, or to control shine and inflammation if you have combination or oily skin. Take a look at the natural moisturisers we have to cater for each skin type and concern.

d. You could add to your routine and follow cleansing with a triple action eye cream – use a tiny amount using your ring finger around the socket of your eye, avoiding the lash line. The skin around our eyes is thin and becomes even thinner as we go through life, making the area particularly susceptible to crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles. Our Wonder Eye Cream hydrates - plumping the skin and rebuilding it’s resilience; brightens – giving the illusion of fading dark circles and is packed full of anti-oxidants to protect the skin around the eyes.

2. SPF is your best friend.
Admittedly, the UK is not famed for it’s long lasting summers and scorching heat but wearing an SPF moisturiser, even when the sun is not out, is incredibly important. Make sure your SPF protects you from both UVA (the rays that will age skin as they penetrate deeply, damaging the cells beneath) and UVB (the rays that will burn skin and common culprits for causing cancer) rays. Don't forget! Sweat, wind, water and the UV rays break down SPF, meaning you should be topping up regularly. Follow this example as rule of thumb: multiply your SPF by 10 for the amount of minutes of sun protection it can provide e.g. SPF 25 x 10 = 250 minutes of sun protection. Use a SPF with natural sun filters, like our Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25, to avoid congested skin.

3. Cut out smoking and cut down on sugar.
Both smoking and excessive sugar consumption are skin care sins! Both naughty habits can cause skin to loose it’s tautness and natural luminosity. Cutting back or down on these will encourage better cell productivity, not to mention will help you to avoid cellulite!

4. Drink up!
Keeping hydrated is no secret if you want to live an energetic, healthy daily life. However, what many often forget is the effect your hydration levels have on your skin. Dry skin is more delicate, prone to wrinkling and less resilient; aim to drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day to plump up those cells and keep your skin soft and supple. This is just one reason hydration is super important for avoiding premature signs of aging. Not sure if you have dry skin or dehydrated skin? Find out more information about the difference between dehydrated and dry skin here.

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