What is Bakuchiol?

What is Bakuchiol?

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Looking for a wrinkle-smoothing, pigmentation reducing, collagen boosting, gentle alternative to retinol? Meet bakuchiol, a gentle plant-based alternative that is a great option for those with sensitive skin, pregnant or breastfeeding and anyone who finds retinol too aggressive.

Bakuchiol is an antioxidant rich oil that is extracted from the seed and leaves of the Ayurvedic babchi plant, native to India. In clinical trials, bakuchiol demonstrated impressive results when compared to retinol, but without the harsh side effect. A study carried out using Bakuchiol oil on 17 humans between the ages of 41 and 60 over a 12 week period showed a significant improvement in lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and photo-damage without irritation on the skin such as peeling, dryness and sensitivity, often associated with retinol.

Like retinol, bakuchiol encourages cell renewal and enhances collagen production to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful complexion. Bakuchiol has also been found to provide antioxidant protection and help calm inflammation, often caused by rosacea or acne. It can also help with dehydration by sealing in moisture. While retinol can make your skin sun sensitive, bakuchiol can be applied in your morning routine, and its even safe while you’re pregnant.

Our new Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum contains 100% well defined 1% Bakuchiol Oil (the recommended limit) without any photosynthesises often found in many other Bakuchiol products. This oil is the gold standard and is REACH registered through extensive safety testing and performance.

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