Which is the best cleanser for you?

Which is the best cleanser for you?

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Any avid skincare addict will know that to cleanse or not to cleanse should never be in question. The answer is always! Morning and evening. A good cleanser isn’t just important for keeping your skin clean, preventing breakouts and the build-up of oil and dead skin cells, it’s also vital for things like keeping the skin well-balanced, maintaining radiance and creating an even canvas for the rest of your skincare and makeup products.

But for such a staple product in your skincare regime, there is a lot of choice out there. From balms and foams, to milks and waters, it’s easy to get confused over which one is actually right for your skin type and concerns. The good news is that we have a cleanser for everyone. So sit back and let us break it down so that you can block out any outside noise and find the best cleanser for you.

Best cleanser for dehydrated skin

Just a few pumps of our Flash Cleanse Micellar Water and you’ll be on your way to a better- balanced complexion. Whilst it works on all skin types, dehydrated skin will lap up how it expertly removes all traces of the day, including the build-up of sebum, and leaves skin completely clean, hydrated and beautifully refreshed.

Best cleanser for sensitive skin

If your skin is a little on the delicate side and needs some extra TLC, our Fragrance-Free Pre and Probiotic Cleansing Milk is comforting and effective all at the same time. It contains soothing Manuka honey and oat milk as well as ingredients like squalene and willow bark to help strengthen the skin’s surface. There’s zero scent too so, this is perfect for those of you with even the most sensitive skin. 

Best cleanser for dull skin

Has your skin somehow lost its zest for life? Not only does our Super Berry Cleansing Balm provide an instant mood-boost (we dare you not to swoon over the spa-like scent and luxurious texture), it also leaves your skin fresh, glowing and super-smooth. After it’s melted onto your skin, ingredients like jojoba and rosehip oil get to work on purifying and refreshing it, leaving it looking anything but dull.

Best cleanser for oily skin

Our Pure Skin Face Wash works for everyone but particularly if your skin has become oily and congested. It cleverly brings the skin back into balance with its gentle foaming action and deeply cleanses the skin without stripping or irritation, leaving instantly brighter, calmer, clearer results.

So now you’ve found your perfect cleanser, know how to use it to its full potential. Here are some essential tips for beautifully cleansed skin:

  • Adopt a cleansing ritual: Like a double cleanse, for example. SPF and makeup are designed to stay put, so cleansing your skin twice as thoroughly in the evening to remove them, not to mention the day’s stubborn dirt and pollution, is key for a well-balanced, renewed complexion.
  • Introduce an accessory: Using a muslin cloth will ensure your skin is cleansed more thoroughly thanks to its gentle exfoliating action. It makes the cleansing process feel like more of a pamper too. If using a micellar water or cleansing milk, try reusable cotton pads as they are gentle on the skin, plus they are much kinder to the environment.
  • Use warm water: You wouldn’t clean a frying pan with cold water - the dirt just wouldn’t budge! Using warm water will ensure all traces of dirt are removed and the same applies to your skin.
  • Just add oats: When cleansing just isn’t cutting it, add a pinch of our Oat Exfoliating Booster. It’s a super gentle powder that, when mixed with any one of our cleansers turns into a physical exfoliator, helping to buff away dead skin cells and leave the skin oh-so smooth.
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