Why Natural? Let’s Talk About Natural Skincare

Why Natural? Let’s Talk About Natural Skincare

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Clean beauty, chemical-free and natural skincare have become buzz terms lately but what does natural really mean today?

We turned to natural skincare in early 2000 at a time when ‘natural’ wasn’t highly regarded by consumers or the beauty industry. Over the years, we have proved time and again that natural doesn’t mean low tech.

We Are Honestly Natural

We pride ourselves on being ‘Honestly Natural’.

Lots of products on the market say they are ‘natural’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘safe’ and ‘non-toxic’. Even parabens are ‘natural’ in so much as they are a by-product of the petroleum industry and that comes from one of the world’s natural resources. But it doesn’t make it good for your skin, or for the world.

When we say ‘natural’ it means it’s a sustainable, renewable ingredient that is kind to your skin – and to the earth. We clearly label all our products with our percentage of natural for our customers to understand.

Why are some products not 100% natural?

Our customers want the best products that truly deliver results. To achieve this, we sometimes use ingredients that aren’t natural. Rest assured, the non-natural ingredients we use are proven to be safe and we are always confident with our formulations.

But Why Natural?

The simple answer to this is to liken your skincare to your clothes. Would you wear a nylon jumper when you could wear a cashmere one? No! Natural skincare, like natural fibres, has a different feel on the skin. It lets it breathe, it can be absorbed without worry, it won’t make you feel hot, bothered and irritated.

The longer answer to this is that when Balance Me was founded, our co-founders Clare and Rebecca, both found their skin and health to have taken the toll of twenty-first century living. Long term stress had prompted them to take stock of what was important to and living well was key. Both had developed skin reactions over time – incredibly sensitive and red where previously they could slap anything on without consequence. It made sense to take care of their skin in the way we take care of our hearts through healthy eating and exercise.

Cutting-Edge Bio-actives

We genuinely fail to see why people would choose synthetic over natural when clinically proven bio-active ingredients exist and work.

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries as to what is possible in natural beauty innovation. Our formulations are sophisticated, and our bio-active ingredients deliver exceptional results. Our trailblazing Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum is a brilliant example of where cutting-edge science meets powerful botanicals thanks to the three weights of natural hyaluronic acid used. Meanwhile our award-winning Vitamin C Repair Serum is formulated with an enzyme that releases vitamin c over a sustained period for optimal results. When bio-actives are so powerful and deliver exceptional results, why would you want to use synthetic?

Sophisticated Textures

Our products feel luxurious, deliver the actives effectively to the skin and are a pleasure to use. You won’t find silicones in our products, instead we look to natural alternatives like chicory that gives our Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist a super-smooth velveteen feel on the skin.


We never use artificial fragrance. Instead, we blend natural essential oils on three levels: for their unique, natural aroma, for their skin benefits, and their mood-boosting properties. Our complex blends really work to support your wellbeing and help you with an energy boost, or to sleep and de-stress.

Our range may have evolved over the years, but our aim remains the same; to create natural skincare that brings you and your skin back into balance. After all, skincare is self-care.

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