Why our founders wanted to create a hand sanitiser

Why our founders wanted to create a hand sanitiser

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As with many of our friends in the natural beauty industry we have chosen to bring a hand sanitiser to market to help meet your needs and provide for the global shortage, we’ve all experienced.

These products are not particularly skin-friendly but that is not their purpose. It’s fair to say that due to these unique and extreme circumstances over the last few months, we’ve all prioritised the need for safety, efficaciousness and protection above all else. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with our manufacturing partners and their team of chemists, who could source the necessary raw materials required to bring this hospital grade, naturally active formula to market, which is guaranteed to kill 99.9% bacterial. It contains 70% alcohol and 100% natural essential oils to clean and protect your hands between washes. No water is needed but we do recommend following with our Super Moisturising Hand Cream at all times to help keep hands from drying out or becoming red and sore.

Our 180ml size has been housed in some of our former amber bottle packaging, that we wanted to repurpose, rather than destroy in line with our strict reuse where possible, sustainable principles. It is perfect for the home and workplace to keep all family and colleagues safe as we navigate our way through the next phase of this new normal by ‘staying alert’ at all times.

As a privately owned company we also believe in giving back a product that is really needed and where a donation can make a difference to help save lives. So, for every bottle purchased by you, we will be donating a second bottle on your behalf. We’ll be working with local charities, food banks and key workers to ensure we deliver to those on the frontline who are working 24/7 to help ensure our safety each day.

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