A Simple Teenage Skincare Routine

A Simple Teenage Skincare Routine

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Teen and tween skin can be all over the place thanks to puberty and stress. Whether its spots, large pores, blackheads, greasy, oily or dry, all these skin concerns are common but can really affect their confidence.

The best thing to do is to introduce a good skincare routine and choose products that will address skin concerns to reveal happy, healthy skin.

Below is a simple 3 step morning and evening routine to follow.


  1. Cleansing is key. Ideally cleanse thoroughly with our gentle Pure Skin Facewash (this can be kept in the shower!).
    If pressed for time a quick sweep of our  Flash Cleanse Micellar Water is a fuss free no need for wipes cleanse.

  2. Follow with Congested Skin Serum on any areas of congestion and/or active breakouts. This soothing gel contains powerful natural anti-bacterial ingredients to speed away blemishes without drying.

  3. If skin feels dehydrated finish with Balancing Face Moisturiser. This lightweight cream works hard to clear and prevent breakouts.


  1. Cleanse thoroughly with our sulphate-free Pure Skin Face Wash. This jelly cleanser removes excess oil without striping and drying out the skin. Use gentle circular movements and rinse thoroughly.

  2. Apply Congested Skin Serum to areas of congestion or active breakouts if required.

  3. Finish with Balancing Face Moisturiser to replenish dry and dehydrated skin

  4. Once or twice a week apply a gentle exfoliating face mask to deeply clear pores and gently resurface the skin.

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