Congested Skin Serum 15ml


Congested Skin Serum 15ml

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Our ‘on the spot’ soothing gel was created to gently calm inflammation and speed away blemishes without causing dryness or irritation.
Current Stock:
Our ‘on the spot’ soothing gel was created to gently calm inflammation and speed away blemishes without causing dryness or irritation.
  • cruelty free
  • honestly natural
  • recyclable packaging
  • made in the uk
  • 100% vegan


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I’m obsessed

Written by Nicole on 10th Sep 2020

I’ve been using this serum for about four years now. A little goes a long way, and it does wonders for my skin. I have combination to oily skin that is acne prone. I mostly break out around that time of the month, and this does a great job combating that. It doesn’t make my skin dry, nor does it make it oily. My Ph is really restored. I apply a dime sized amount all over my face once or twice a day depending on how much I think I need it. It’s my holy grail product that has replaced about three others.

great product!

Written by Justyna on 18th Aug 2020

I got a sample in birchbox some time ago and I fell in love! it really works on my spots ( I am in my 30ies) and it smells fabulous! I keep buying it every few months because I use it all the time. Really recommend!

Magical Serum

Written by Sam on 17th Aug 2020

I absolutely love this stuff. I have been using it for years now and it never fails me. I use it as a spot treatment before bed and in the morning the blemish is visibly smaller. It NEVER dries your skin out. Would highly recommend.


Written by Nicola on 11th Aug 2020

This serum is magic! Makes spots virtually disappear over night. It really does take any redness away and soothes the area. It feels so light, fresh and smells great not drying at all and because you just dab it on the offending areas it lasts for ages. I wouldn’t be with out this ever!

Congested skin serum

Written by Shivani on 27th Jul 2020

I bought this product to go with my pha clarifying mist. It works wonderfully and spots are gone next day. My 17 year old really loves it too. I would highly recommend this product.

Super product, the dispenser is a problem though

Written by Nadia on 14th Jul 2020

I love this product, but the dispenser dispenses far more than is needed in each pump. It is hard to do a half pump so always end up with a lot of it when I only need a little for targeted areas. Great product though!

Love this serum

Written by Caroline on 23rd Jun 2020

This serum really helps to clear up any blemish without drying or irritating my skin.

Great product

Written by Suzanne Lindsay on 21st Jun 2020

I really like this product, it acts quickly and has an appealing consistency and smell. I bought primarily for me for that odd corker that brews under the skin and can be painful, but will keep it in mind for my nearly 11 year old who is streaming to get some spots. However, one small annoyance is that it dispenses more than I want to use sometimes. It’s seems difficult to half press down the pump to get just a small amount without more coming out. That’s pretty wasteful so something I will consider when/if repurchasing.


Written by Adama kargbo on 3rd Jun 2020

3 days .....in 3 days this serum gifted my face back! I have had ongoing issues with blocked pores turning into painful spots and in 3 days I saw changes, I have been using expensive well known brands for years and where they have been nice and made my skin soft and smell nice ...Balance me products have transformed my face and it smells nice, it's affordable and accessible.

I’m recommending to everyone I know!

Written by Charlotte Channer on 28th May 2020

During this entire weird 2020 lock down period my skin has been more congested then before! Considering I haven’t worn makeup in weeks I found my skin were still bad and spots were becoming v inflamed. This has reduced them done to a small red mark within the week. I have never found something which works as well as this does on spots! The texture is almost cream like which is nicer than any other gel I’ve used. They also don’t dry out and become uncomfortable and hard which I find with other products. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with any skin type!