Teenage skincare tips

Teenage skincare tips

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Exam season is on, pencils are sharpened, backpacks are ready, and brains are full but what about your skin? 

We know our kids can be super-stressed during exam season and sometimes the skin is suffering the consequences; combined to with teenage hormonal changes, some blemishes and breakouts can appear, and we know how having congested skin can lower confidence especially at this age.

Our kids have already a lot to take on and a lot of anxiety and pressure to handle, why add to it?
The 3 quick and easy steps of our Teenage Skin Saviour essentials, for young and teenage skin, aims to bring the skin back into balance but also to make their everyday skincare routine easier so our kids can fully focus on school rather than their skin.

Get ready to rock your exams and start the day by gently cleansing your skin with the Pure Skin Face Wash. This sulphate-free cleanser is the ideal cleaning solution for blemish or acne-prone skin. Quick and easy to use, massage onto damp skin, concentrating on any congested areas then rinse off with warm water.

To help tackle spots, follow with the ‘on the spot’ Congested Skin Serum, designed to purify the skin, balance oil production, and calm inflammation without causing any dryness. It can be used directly on the congested location or in a larger area.

And the final touch, Balancing Face Moisturiser; perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin, this moisturizer aims to prevents breakouts, calms and reduces existing blemishes without blocking pores or causing irritation. Light on the skin and easy to apply, after cleansing, apply a small amount to your face and gently massage until fully absorbed by the skin.

We know it was a long day, but at Balance Me, we think that skincare is not just a ritual or a simple habit, it’s a moment for yourself, a few minutes at the end of the day to focus on yourself and your skin.

In the evening, take some time to use our Teenage Skin Saviour essentials and if you have enough time, double cleanse with the Flash Cleanse Micellar Water in addition to the Pure Skin Face Wash. Use the Flash Cleanse Micellar Water first to remove make-up, dirt, and pollution accumulated throughout the day. Apply two pumps on a cotton pad and wipe over your face before going on with your normal evening routine.

Adolescence is a tough period for teenagers, they are going through a lot of mind and body changes, but their skin is also changing and evolving. It is really important to accept it and to listen to it. This routine has been designed to help teenagers and young adults’ skin be healthier, more balanced and to help them get through tough moments of life.

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