Meet Our Perfect Partners

Meet Our Perfect Partners

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Some things just work well together, strawberries + cream, cinnamon + sugar, pancakes + maple syrup, the list is endless. The same goes for our Balance Me products, we've ensured that all of our products can be mixed and matched, however some of them go perfectly together, just like strawberries + cream. Take a look at our Perfect Partners.

Vitamin C Repair SerumCollagen Boost Moisturiser

These 2 are the perfect duo for bringing glow back into the skin. They both contain Hyaluronic Acid, to help plump and hydrate, diminishing any fine lines along the way. The Vitamin C gets to work on the first signs of ageing, as well as any hyperpigmentation that you may have in your skin, leaving you with a radiant and even skin tone.

Wonder Eye CreamHyaluronic Plumping Primer

Create the perfect base for a flawless, fresh faced look or for underneath make up with these Perfect Partners. Our Wonder Eye Cream is nice and light, yet still intensely hydrates any fine lines, prepping them for makeup. Next, our deeply hydrating and silicone free gel cream primer gets to work on any enlarged pores and expression lines. It contains Acmella Oleracea, this fruit extract relaxes micro muscle contractions reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time, it's been nicknamed the 'natural botox.' 

Hyaluronic Plumping MistMoisture Rich Face Cream

Sensitive skin will love this duo. Both products are designed to help soothe and deeply hydrate and nourish skin. The Hyaluronic Plumping Mist contains Pineapple extract to help brighten and balance both oily and dry skin, as well as Chamomile Water to calm any redness in the skin. Our Moisture Rich Face Cream is rich in essential fatty acids that strengthen, rejuvenate and help to reduce redness. 

Pure Skin Face WashCongested Skin Serum

A purifying and cleansing duo, perfectly suited to blemish prone skin. Our Pure Skin Face Wash is suitable for all skin types, however it works particularly well for sensitive and blemish prone skin as it thoroughly cleanses without striping any of the important oils from the skin. Our Congested Skin Serum is our 'on the spot' soothing gel, we created this to gently calm irritation and blemishes without causing any dryness or irritation. It can be used all over the face as a serum or simply on target areas when needed.

Super Moisturising Body WashSuper Moisturising Hand Cream

The benefit is in the name, these Perfect Partners are incredibly nourishing for any sensitive, sensitised and dehydrated skin. Both products contain Shea Butter to hydrate, Benzoin to heal and calm skin and Yarrow, a powerful healing herb with anti-inflammatory properties. These 3 ingredients together also make these amazing products for eczema prone skin. Our creamy body wash is also completely sulphate free!

Have you tried any of our Perfect Partners? 

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