A skincare routine for happy, clearer skin

A skincare routine for happy, clearer skin

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Stress, lack of sleep, demanding jobs, changes to our home/work life can take their toll on our skin and may cause hormonal breakouts as a result. Sound familiar? Our simple skincare routine and tips below will instantly soothe your skin, whilst helping to prevent future breakouts. Suitable for sensitive skin, and vegan friendly!

1. Take it all off!

Remove all dirt, spf and environmental toxins from the skin’s surface daily with a gently foaming cleanser.

2. Gently Exfoliate

Give skin a deeper clean with a gentle spritz of our mist containing exfoliating PHAs. Gentle enough to sensitive skin. Can be used on the face, shoulders and back to calm and reduce breakouts.

3. Targeted treatment

Balance, calm and smooth away blemishes fast with our ‘on the spot’ serum. Simply apply to areas of congestion and blemishes throughout the day.

4. Soothe

Deeply hydrate, strengthen and rejuvenate skin with our antioxidant rich face cream. Apply both morning and night.

5. Boost

Add a couple of drops of our Rose Otto Face Oil to your moisturiser at night to boost hydration and help reduce redness.

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