A Skincare Routine For Redness-Prone Skin

A Skincare Routine For Redness-Prone Skin

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April is historically a time when the beauty world focuses on raising awareness of Rosacea and we thought we’d take this opportunity to reach out to those of you who might experience this highly sensitive and sensitised skin condition and share how Balance Me can help. We feel right now that self-care in any shape or form is the order of the day.

For those of you who experience rosacea, you’ll be familiar with the symptoms: blushing/redness, visible tiny broken blood vessels, bumpy and inflamed skin, particularly on the nose, cheeks and forehead; lack of confidence in appearance as a result.

Rosacea-prone skins are particularly sensitive to a change in temperature. Admittedly we are spending most of our time indoors during this lockdown, but the sun is shining on and off outside so try to stick to shade when you do venture out and keep central heating low once the temperature drops at night.

Rosehip and Chamomile are both ingredients that are very kind to this condition so we’ve focused on skincare we have in our range that contains these ingredients. These products are well-loved by people with rosacea for their soothing, calming and cooling properties. 

Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm

Water can be a known irritant to rosacea-prone skin so our cleanser of choice would be our oil-based cleansing balm. It is antioxidant rich so will help protect against environmental aggressor triggers and contains a very fine oat powder that releases natural starches to help calm and soothe redness-prone skin. Both rosehip and chamomile feature in the carefully chosen blend of ingredients and is super nourishing and easy to apply, as well as remove. We would suggest you apply without adding water to emulsify but perhaps you’ll find it easier to dampen our muslin cloth with warm water to aid removal. It is entirely up to you.

Rose Otto Face Oil

Our rosehip based facial oil is lightweight, nut-free and nurturing. It helps to strengthen compromised skin, rejuvenate and noticeably reduce redness. We blended super emollient squalane with hyaluronic acid so you can still replenish moisture levels without the need to add water to your skincare.

Moisture Rich Face Cream

As the name suggests this cream is richly hydrating with a silicone-free ‘silk-stocking’ texture that both comforts and calms highly sensitive skin. Again we’ve blended rosehip and camomile with antioxidant-rich arctic cloudberry to protect and strengthen the skin.

Wonder Eye Cream

Rosacea can cause eyelids to crust around the roots of eyelashes and the skin around the eyes needs to be treated with care. Our multi-award-winning Wonder Eye Cream firms, soothes and brightens without causing irritation and contains hyaluronic acid and cooling cucumber.

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