Be Skin Bright

Be Skin Bright

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Celebrating 5 years of glow

“This year we're celebrating FIVE years of our multi-award-winning and bestselling Vitamin C Repair Serum. Thank you for sharing the love of its super smooth texture, 'burst of sunshine' aroma and skin bright qualities with five years of incredible results, outstanding testimonials and 5-star reviews. That's 1826 daily doses of highly stable Vitamin C joy for your skin!

To celebrate these amazing 5 years, for every purchase of our Vitamin C Repair Serum we will be donating 1 product to our official charity partner, The Hygiene Bank."    - Rebecca & Clare Hopkins, Sisters & Co-Founders

Radiance in every drop

Our approach to skincare is rooted in balance, efficacy and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our Vitamin C Repair Serum, one of the most effective natural Vitamin C formulas on the market, is a testament to this ethos. Formulated with an expert blend of high-performing actives that not only brighten your complexion, but also target pigmentation, hydrate, plump and smooth your skin.

Recently put to the test by a panel of 58 women aged 18-65, our Vitamin C Repair Serum delivered results that speak volumes. In just 3 days, 83% reported glowing skin, 95% agreed their skin felt more hydrated and an unwavering 100% would recommend it to a friend. As the trial progressed the impressive results continued to follow, with 85% noting a more even skin tone, 79% saw a reduction in dark spots and an impressive 90% stated their intent to switch to this serum. Our focus is always to deliver a balanced formulation with complementary actives to tackle targeted skin concerns without compromise.

A balanced formula for radiant results

Some leading skincare brands promote high percentages of individual actives which can cause irritation, resulting in an array of new skin concerns for you to contend with. We focus on balance, formulating our Vitamin C Repair Serum with a highly stable, slow-release Vitamin C active called AA2G that doesn’t degrade over time, unlike AA, a popular choice in many other formulas. We use it at a clinically proven optimum level that delivers outstanding results, including significant improvements in wrinkle reduction, brightening skin, reducing age spots and improving moisture.

Our Vitamin C works in synergy with other potent ingredients that make up our balanced formulation, including 3% Melavoid, developed with Boerhavia Diffusa, an Ayurverdic herb renowned for reducing the intensity of pigmentation and preventing future occurences. Our powerhouse formula is further enriched with Blackberry Leaf Extract, a robust antioxdant which helps boost collagen production and improve skin texture, and a low-weight Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin, effectively plumping fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out.

Setting our Vitamin C Repair Serum apart is not just its exceptional efficacy but the sensory experience it delivers on application. Infused with an aromatherapeutic blend of Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and May Chang, the serum provides instant uplifting, mood-boosting benefits earning it the nickname ‘sunshine in a bottle’. Its silk-like, creamy texture, a rarity in Vitamin C formulations, delivers an immediate hydrating and comforting feel on the skin. Each element, from fragrance to texture, has been meticulously considered to craft a multi-award-winning serum that consistently delivers glowing results.

We’re not here to make empty promises; we’re here to deliver proven results. The proof is in the pudding, or in our case, in the radiant, glowing skin that speaks for itself. Your skin deserves nothing less.

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