How to layer serums

How to layer serums

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Facial serums are an essential step in your skincare routine, full of potent ingredients to deliver visible results. Did you know you can layer your serums to create a routine personal to your skin concerns? After all, everyone’s skin balancing journey is unique.

When you layer serums, you will really benefit from the multiple ingredients, especially more mature skin that needs extra help to strengthen after collagen begins to breakdown.

Which Order Should I Layer the Serums?

As a general rule, the lightest textures go first, and the thickest textures go last.

For serums that have similar consistency, go with the ingredient that you want your skin to get the most of. If your main skin concern is hyperpigmentation and dark spots, apply you Vitamin C serum first.

Always apply serums after cleansing and before moisturiser to help the ingredients penetrate the skin.

How many serums should I layer at once?

There’s no definitive answer to this. We would say only layer 2, maximum 3 in your morning or evening routine. Not only is it time consuming – we like to keep things simple at Balance Me – but you could reduce the chance of all the ingredients absorbing properly.

If you have sensitive skin, don’t go overboard and just use one at a time.

Do I apply the serums together?

If you are layering serums its crucial you allow each layer to fully absorb into your skin before applying the next layer. Wait a minute or two to ensure the serum has fully absorbed and doesn’t rub off when you apply the next one.

You can lightly massage your face in circular motions or gently pat your skin to help the active ingredients to full absorb. You can even use a face roller.

Mix and Match:

We have four serums in our range, each one formulated with high performance bio-actives to deliver visible results, naturally. Mix and match to bring your skin back into balance and solve your own personal skin concerns.

Below is a guide to how we are using our serums at the moment. Experiment with the serums yourself to find the perfect order for you. Let us know how you layer them on our Instagram!

AM - Vitamin C Repair Serum. This will provide an antioxidant shield on the skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which protects skin against environmental damage such as UV. Helps fade pigmentation and gives the skin a real glow.

AM- Congested Skin Serum. This works on areas of congestion and clears any blemishes without irritation. Excellent for cooling the skin. Can be used throughout the day or whenever needed.

PM- Bakuchiol Serum. This natural version of retinol gives the same skin smoothing and rejuvenating effects without any irritation. Helps collagen production to boost the skins renewal process.

PM- Tri Molecular Hyaluronic Serum. This silky lightweight serum has 3 weights of Hyaluronic Acid to really help hydrate the skin. Excellent to use in place of a moisturiser if you prefer a light last layer on the skin.

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