Introducing our new mist with exfoliating PHAs, Zinc and Allantoin

Introducing our new mist with exfoliating PHAs, Zinc and Allantoin

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Meet our new highly effective clarifying treatment with a potent punch of gently exfoliating PHAs and a line up of hard-working antibacterial ingredients. Created for oil-prone, hormonal and sensitive skin our mist delivers results with zero irritation.

Last year, we took the decision to move away from sheet foil masks, as their packaging is really damaging to the environment. However, our former, bio-degradable charcoal sheet mask was an award-winner, and you loved the skin benefits and the results it gave to your skin. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve re-worked all the naturally active and highly effective ingredients together with gently exfoliating and sensitive-skin friendly PHAs, packaged it in a 100% recyclable glass bottle , and re-purpose it as a mist.

How Does It Work?

PHAs are our hero here; gently exfoliating to speed away blemishes, unblock pores and brighten the complexion. An ideal ingredient for those with skin sensitivities, the large molecule structure means they work solely on the skin surface to provide hardworking exfoliation without any irritation. Plus, unlike other acids such as AHAs or BHAs, they simultaneously moisturise the skin to stop that dreaded dry & tight sensation. We’ve combined this with Zinc, a plant derived version of this skin-balancing hero, to put the brakes on sebum secretion and tackle shine, as well as Allantoin, a natural active that’s known for soothing skin and reducing redness.

Our other star ingredients

Our 100% vegan formulation is bursting with natural ingredients including:

Witch Hazel: reduces inflammation, calm redness and tighten pores

Kanuka Oil: a powerful antibacterial ingredient that clears congestion

May Chang: both antibacterial and antimicrobial to prevent blemishes forming

Eucalyptus: brings down redness and inflammation without any irritation

Aloe Vera: soothes and hydrates the skin

Iris and Corn Poppy: a natural anti-ageing alternative that targets fine lines and dullness for bright and bouncy skin

Who Is It For?

Those of any age with combination, oily or dull skin seeking a gentle yet powerful solution for clearing congestion and preventing and healing blemishes. It’s even gentle enough to be used on sensitiverosacea and eczema prone skin.

How do you use it in your skincare routine?

Use as little or often as you like; post-cleansing as part of a morning and evening skincare regime or throughout the day for a blemish-fighting boost. Spray on the face, or any other area of the body where blemishes are bothering you. Expect an uplifting scent, a fresh feel and a hit of hydration on contact.

Don’t Take our word for it…

We shared our PHA Clarifying Mist with our customer testing panel before launch, and this is what they thought:

“This mist has calmed my breakouts especially around my mouth/chin area”

“This truly is a miracle mist! I have been using exfoliating products for years and I have never found something as good as this!”

“I suffer with rosacea in the area of the chin and hormonal breakouts there was a noticeable improvement in control of redness and of breakouts while suing this product”

“It’s dramatically improved my acne”

“I have started to get rosacea recently and have noticed that since using this mist my face looks much better. Redness is barely noticeable now”

“It has made my skin smoother overall and very noticeably reduced the size of my pores”.

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