Kat's Hydrating Heroes

Kat's Hydrating Heroes

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With a following of over 315,000 on Instagram, her own inspiring and, can we just say, hilarious fashion podcast, a published book, as well as a regular spot on This Morning under her belt, Kat Farmer is living her best mid-life. A huge advocate for 40+ skin and encouraging women everywhere to embrace their age and look great in the process, she also happens to be a huge Balance Me fan (with exquisite taste, obviously). So, we’ve teamed up with Kat for the second year running and given her free reign to put together her Balance Me skincare kit of dreams, and boy has she come up with the goods. “I have cherry-picked my absolute favourite hydrating heroes from the Balance Me range and I can’t wait for you to try them,” she says.

Introducing Kat’s Hydrating Heroes, a kit of four moisturising, balancing and all-round skin-transforming products, created by the queen of 40+ and fabulous. So what’s in Kat’s kit? “If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with the Super Berry Cleansing balm and how it melts deliciously into the skin,” she explains. Next up is the new Ceramide Barrier Booster. “It’s brilliant for those who want to balance sensitive skin.” Completing the kit for your fix of game-changing hydration are Moisture Rich Face Cream and Kat’s other all-time favourite, Rose Otto Face Oil. “These are a double whammy to lock in moisture and give a big hydration boost,” she adds.

So next time you’re craving newly nourished, brilliantly balanced and oh-so glowy skin, just ask yourself: WWKD? (What would Kat do...)

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