Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Posted by Rebecca Hopkins on

To mark mental health awareness week, we look back at why we started and how in such a busy world, today our ethos is more necessary than ever.

Our founders Rebecca and Clare founded Balance Me to address their work/life balance and find natural, solutions‐driven skincare that worked. In 2002, they left behind corporate careers in a quest to find a kinder work/balance and improve their wellbeing. Rebecca retrained as a reflexologist while Clare became a qualified yoga teacher.

They started to make natural skincare in their kitchen and an increasing demand for these oils and balms sparked a business idea… enter Balance Me. The vision was to bring high-performance, natural skincare to the market, that solved skin concerns without creating new ones. But more than that, Rebecca and Clare also wanted Balance Me to be a lifestyle; they wanted to promote a sense of balance and harness the power of skincare to improve wellbeing and wanted Balance Me to epitomise self-care through skincare.

They ensured each Balance Me blend was carefully crafted to work on three levels: aroma, skin benefits and mood‐boosting properties. Aromatherapy has become integral to the brand’s identity, with the products featuring carefully selected essential oil blends chosen for their wellbeing benefits as well as aroma.

Through their carefully crafted products and innovative natural formulations, Rebecca and Clare strive to bring self-care to the masses, inspiring people to take 5 mindful minutes to themselves, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in the sanctuary of their own bathroom.

Self-care through skincare is something we try and practice daily, taking a few mindful moments for ourselves. We love taking time to enjoy the aromas of our products, massaging them into our skin and reaping the skin-boosting benefits. Not only does our skin reap the rewards, so do we! In today’s busy, connected world this ethos still stands and we believe, is more necessary than ever. We hope our products help to inspire you to carve out a little ‘me’ time and bring balance into your lives each day.


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