Nine ways to unwind an active mind

Nine ways to unwind an active mind

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Find it difficult to switch off after work? Read our simple guide for tips to help you unwind at the end of the day.

Sometimes it's difficult to unwind after a busy day. We often aimlessly scroll on our phone or watch the latest series on Netflix, but these mind-numbing activities often leave us feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. Not being able to fully ‘switch off’ ends up making us more stressed, and so the cycle continues.

We asked our team how they switch off in the evening, and at the weekend, and these are our top nine tips to unwind.

1. Go for a walk

A simple, and free activity to do now its summer. Leave your phone at home and stroll around your neighbourhood for 20 minutes. The fresh air and gentle exercise will do you the world of good, giving you time to clear your mind.

2. Turn off alerts

Email alerts, social media notifications, to do lists. We are always ‘on’ which isn’t a healthy state of mind. Turn off everything, and you will be amazed at the difference. Rebecca, our co-founder, really believes it's important to set a clear work/life balance and ensures her work phone is off all weekend so she is present with her family.

3. Cook

There is something so enjoyable about cooking, then eating, at home. Whether it’s a healthy dinner or an indulgent treat, the process can be really therapeutic. Involve children and friends and it’s a positive way to reconnect without screens.

4. Relax with a hot drink

There is something so comforting about relaxing with a hot drink before bed. We are big fans of camomile tea, which is naturally caffeine free, so you don’t feel wired before sleeping.

5. Take off your day

We love to have five minutes of peace in the bathroom to remove our makeup and apply our serum for the night. It’s these small moments that can make a world of different. If we have a little longer, we double cleanse with our Flash Cleanse Micellar Water, then follow up with our Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm.

6. Pamper yourself

Taking time out for yourself is a small moment of self-care that we all need to do. It’s rare we can get to have a treatment or enjoy a spa but relaxing in a long bath with an indulgent face mask is sometimes all we need. We honestly believe skincare is self-care.

7. Write in a journal

There’s something very therapeutic about writing down anything that is on your mind before you close your eyes. It can help stop those thoughts whirring round your mind as you are trying to nod off. Keep a small notebook by the side of your bed to jot any thoughts down.

8. No Screens

This is a simple one, but no screens before bed! At least one hour before bed, switch everything off, and read a book. Our team are reading ‘FLEX: The Modern Woman’s Handbook’ by Annie Auerbach and ‘Jog On: How Running Saved My Life’ by Bella Mackie at the moment.

9. Yoga

Our founder Clare and Rebecca both find time for daily yoga. It’s a chance to slow down and look after themselves both physically and mentally.

How do you unwind and find your balance?

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