Our mission for a cleaner planet

Our mission for a cleaner planet

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Recyclability is important to us and we are working on some exciting packaging developments, which will be coming soon. In the meantime, find out more about our current efforts to be kinder to our planet.

On the back of the BBCs Blue Planet and the nation’s increased interest in recyclability, we are experiencing a heightened interest in what packaging Balance Me uses and why.

Please find below the current status quo and you’ll see some exciting developments from us over the next few months as we undertake a full review of our componentry. Please note that on the bottom of most of our packaging you will find a triangle with a number (called the resin identification code) which refers to the type of plastics used in the composition of the packaging. Because not all plastics are commonly accepted by recycling facilities, by referring to these resin codes it can help you determine which consumer plastics you can place in your recycling bin.


What can you recycle?

Widely recycled

PET/PETG Recycle Triangle 1 Symbol 280ml body wash, haircare bottles
200ml body oil bottles
180ml, 30ml Micellar Water bottle

PP Recycle Triangle 5 Symbol 200ml oil bottle flip closures
Tube closures
30ml lid of mini Micellar Water bottle
5ml and 10ml mini mist and oil bottles
10ml roller ball lids
closures to our airless pumps

Glass   30ml bottles, jars, 10ml rollette bottles
All glass packaging (jars, bottles)

LDPE Recycle Triangle 4 Symbol Shive for Intensive Wrinkle Repair jar

Cartons/Card   All our decorative cartons are made on PEFC card from sustainable forests

Corrugated Shippers   Used to ship our products to our wholesale customers
Used to ship to our web customers

Corn starch Chips   Used to protect products that we pack for internet orders - these dissolve in water

Check your local recycle facility

LDPE / HDPE / LLDPE mix   Body of our tubes

Our top tips for recycling:
•Follow your local council recycling advice regarding sorting of packaging
•Wash out all packaging
•Remove pumps/mists from bottles where possible
•Snap tube closures off if possible

Unfortunately, we are yet to find a pump that is recyclable so please remove our pumps from our bottles and dispose of separately.

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