Rosie Green on how to banish dark circles

Rosie Green on how to banish dark circles

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Woman & Home’s Health & Beauty Director, Rosie Green, shares the one trick that will help to reduce dark circles and brighten under-eye skin… 

“The secret to banishing dark circles, is finding an eye cream that works! Balance Me’s Tinted Wonder Eye Cream is a favourite of mine – it’s a brightening and soothing eye care treatment with added mineral tint, which makes it especially good at addressing dark shadows (aka, the holy grail for beauty-aficionados!). 

“What’s great about this cream, is that it is suitable for every skin tone. The light reflecting particles in the mineral tint, helps it to adapt to most skin tones. In the morning, simply tap a light layer with fingertips around the eye area until blended, then you can apply your make-up on top (the texture will help prevent your make-up creasing too). 

“Alongside the tint, the eye cream couldn’t do its magic without the accompanying botanically active ingredients. Balance Me’s natural form of Hyaluronic Acid helps to hydrate, smooth and plump fine lines with it’s low-molecular-weight formulation, while added Witch Hazel tightens and firms the skin, reducing inflammation and puffiness. So, skin is strengthened and better able to protect itself against signs of ageing – perfect to restore that much sought after youthful radiance, and better prepare you to face the day!” 

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