Skin pigmentation getting you down?

Skin pigmentation getting you down?

Posted by Rebecca Hopkins on

In honour of Skin Pigmentation Day on the 25th May, we wanted to shed some light on our iconic Vitamin C Repair Serum. Created with discolouration and dark spots in mind, the potent blend of Vitamin C really is worth the hype. Teamed with Hyaluronic Acid, Boerhavia Diffusa and Squalane your skin will look and feel hydrated, smooth and radiant.


Written by HANNA on 14th Mar 2022

“Gorgeous lightweight serum, smells lovely and subtle. I can really see the difference, such a nice product to apply.”

Find it in our May routine, with our best-selling Pure Skin Face Wash and Collagen Boost Moisturiser.

Lessons in layering:

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