Skincare to help you and your skin remain balanced during pregnancy

Skincare to help you and your skin remain balanced during pregnancy

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Hormones are powerful and can affect our skin in a number of ways, often when we least expect! Pregnancy is no exception and along with morning sickness, weight gain, stretch marks etcetera, skin can become out of balance. Some skins will exude radiance and plumpness, others with flare up with bouts of acne, heightened redness and melasma [‘pregnancy mask of pigmentation’].

Pregnancy-related skin trauma is often a time when new customers find Balance Me because they are more sensitive (mentally or physically) to what they will apply to their skin. Hormones can affect our sense of smell as well, when we’re pregnant and we’re heartened that so many expectant mothers find our natural fragrances refreshing and mood-enhancing rather than stimulating nausea.

Keep reading to discover our recommendations for specific pregnancy related skin conditions.

Pregnancy mask is often genetic and is caused by an increase in pigment-stimulating hormones which occur during pregnancy and contribute to melasma which it turn leads to large patches of discolouration appearing on the face. In many cases the discolouration fades post-pregnancy but it's worth noting pregnancy-related hormones stay elevated during breastfeeding and for several months afterwards, and in some cases can become a longer-term condition.

Vitamin C Repair Serum is antioxidant rich and targets pigmentation to help prevent it appearing in the first place, to minimising the effects of those already suffering. Our Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25 is a must as a next step to daytime Vitamin C. It provides physical filter protection so UV is deflected away from skin like a mirror. Ours is lightweight and doesn’t leave a chalky finish, plus it is non-comedogenic so is pore balancing vs blocking.

Hormonal Acne is harder to treat during pregnancy as many prescription medications are exempt. Our customers have found our moringa-rich Pure Skin Face Wash and Purify + Clear range help minimise the associated symptoms such as blemishes, enlarged pores and excess oil production.

Our PHA Clarifying Mist is safe to use in pregnancy. AHAs are often to be avoided during pregnancy but PHAs are larger molecules, penetrate at a slower rate due to their larger molecular structure and as well as helping to address hyper-pigmentation [see above] they act as chemical exfoliants to slough away dead skin cells, balance and brighten without causing inflammation or skin sensitivity.

And our Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum is a natural retinol alternative, again safe to use during pregnancy. It’s rejuvenating, skin smoothing, protecting and targets hormonal breakouts. We have super-charged our formula with Termalia Chebula which has three times the concentration of Vitamin A than rosehip oil.

Skin Sensitivity can be heightened and cause inflammation during pregnancy. There are many causes but hormones play a significant role and the symptoms can range from redness and inflammation to hot flushes and dryness. Our Calm + Replenishment range is antioxidant rich, our Rose Otto Face Oil is blended with super emollient squalane and rosehip oil with its multitude of skin benefits. Our rose blend is subtle, our texture is lightweight and nut free. It can be added to our Moisture Rich Face Cream in the morning and/or used alone last thing at night to rejuvenate skin when it's at its most active.

Stretch Marks are a skin concern as our body expands with new life. Our Super Moisturising Body Oil started life as a stretch mark oil for Rebecca nearly 17 years ago. It’s rich in natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help revitalise skin, reduce inflammation and improve skin elasticity.

Swollen Ankles, especially in the third trimester or summer pregnancy months can be uncomfortable and legs can feel heavy. Our Wake Up Lotion is cooling as well as soothing. Use morning and night after bathing.

And finally, sleeplessness may be triggered by a whole host of factors during pregnancy. Our Beauty Sleep Candle and Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist can bring comfort (as well as hyaluronic hydration), alleviate stress and induce relaxation.

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