The Making of our Super Firming Body Oil

The Making of our Super Firming Body Oil

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Standing the test of time as the first product our Co-Founder, Clare ever created, at just 18 years old, our Super Firming Body Oil has maintained its crown as our bestselling body care product. Achieving cult status amongst our community for its much-loved skin toning benefits and invigorating fragrance; it really is the perfect companion to prep your body for Summer.

Designed to boost circulation this spa-inspired oil blend contains naturally purifying and tonifying Juniper, Bergamot and Geranium to target areas prone to cellulite and keratosis pilaris. It also works brilliantly when partnered with our Vegan Body Brushes, to improve the texture and tone of skin, encouraging lymphatic drainage and leaving you with softer, smoother skin.

Clare’s commitment to holistic wellness has always been at the heart of her product development, crafting formulas that solve skin concerns without compromise, the Super Firming Body Oil embodies this ethos beautifully. Find out why Clare was drawn to aromatherapy and what sparked the creation of her first ever product! 

What drew you to aromatherapy?

I’ve always had an interest in holistic health, so I’ve trained in things like Reiki, Yoga and Indian head massage over the years. Growing up I’d always dry skin body brush and I was always really interested in aromatherapy oils. Even when I was travelling I would take essential oils and yoga books in my backpack wherever I went.

What drove you to create your first product at the age of 18?

After my A levels I went travelling around Africa and unfortunately got really ill while I was out there. My skin had fallen really out of balance and I was ill with quite a lot of other ailments too. I already had a keen interested in essential oils, so when I came back to the UK, I began experimenting with different oils to help solve the health issues I was suffering with. The oils really worked, so I continued with my experimentations to see what else I could conjure up. While I was at university in Leeds, I discovered a beautiful essential oil shop where I found some new oils which formed the Super Firming Body Oil blend and I’ve been using it ever since!

Why did you decide to create a body oil?

We’ve always had a holistic approach to beauty in our family. I started dry body brushing from a really young age and it was as I was going through puberty I noticed that my body was changing. I was getting more bloated when I was on my period and also getting more prone to cellulite, so I wanted to create a body oil that could really help target those concerns.

How did you choose the oils for the blend?

First of all, I was really blown away by the aroma of all of them. Then it was really about the properties of each; I used Juniper because it’s a natural diuretic, so it helps with water retention. Bergamot because it helps with anxiety and stress, so it helps regulate your mood. Geranium which is a beautiful oil for balancing, so it balances your hormones. Lastly, Lavender used in this blend is such a brilliant oil for so many things, but here it helps to bring out and enhance the properties of all the other essential oils and bring the blend together.

How would you best recommend using the Super Firming Body Oil?

To get the best results I would recommend you dry skin body brush before getting into the bath or shower. We sell our Vegan Body Brushes as a pair because it’s super fast, so it’s a great, efficient way of doing it. Have your bath or shower, once you’re out dry yourself off, some people like to leave their skin slightly damp. Pour some of the Super Firming Body Oil into your palms and rub them together to warm the oil. I apply it in circular motions on my belly, then I put it on my feet in circular motions and work up and massage up the legs paying particular attention to my hips and thighs. You can also use it as a great body moisturiser on your arms and chest, when I was pregnant I used it on my chest area too. Once you’ve applied it make sure it soaks in before you put your clothes on.


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