The skin benefits of Squalane

The skin benefits of Squalane

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Squalane is a powerhouse ingredient, delivering intense hydration, and supporting the skin’s barrier to lock in moisture to help keep skin soft, supple and plumper for longer. Keep reading to find out about this super skincare ingredient.

What’s the difference between squalene and squalane?

This ingredient can come in two forms, squalene and squalane. They are both equally effective, but squalane has a longer shelf-life because it's been stabilised.

Squalene (with an e) is found naturally in our bodies, commonly within our skin’s lipid barrier, and has incredible moisturising properties.

Squalane (with an a) is a stabilised derivative of squalene making it a great ingredient for hydrating and moisturising skincare. It is a much lighter oil making it a better option for acne-prone skin. We use plant derived squalane in our natural skincare formulations.

Why should you use Squalane in your skincare routine?

Squalane is a natural emollient, helping lock in moisture to keep skin soft and supple, help prevent fine lines and ease dry patches. Antioxidant rich, squalane fights against UV damage and skin pigmentation and is highly efficient in brightening dull skin as well as reducing fine lines, scars and wrinkles for a more radiant and youthful complexion.

Why do we need Squalane?

Like collagen, our natural squalene reserves depletes dramatically when we are in our 30s, so using squalane helps to replenish skin to keep it moisturised and youthful looking.

Who can use Squalane?

This natural antioxidant emollient works well for all skin types, especially mature and dry skin. It is non-comedogenic, so doesn’t block pores, and may help regulate excess oil production in acne-prone and oily skin.

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