Top tips: how to reduce stretch marks

Top tips: how to reduce stretch marks

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Stretch marks are a common concern, but with our list of top tips and products you can prevent and minimise the signs of their appearance. 

Stretch marks are a common concern, but rest assured that with our list of top tips and key products to use you can prevent and minimise the signs of their appearance.

1. Moisturise more
To prevent stretch marks occurring and to reduce the visible signs of existing marks, we recommend daily moisturising. When skin stretches (through pregnancy, growth or weight gain) it is less likely to tear (and create stretch marks) if it is kept hydrated. Hydration helps your skin to stay elastic, preventing it from tearing, but can also help to smooth existing stretch mark scars and help repair the torn skin cells, reducing the size of the marks. Oils penetrate the skin best – our favourite is the Super Moisturising Body Oil which is jam-packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins to restore skins elasticity, improve its strength and reduce scarring colouration.

2. Discover the power of 100% natural essential oils
Dating back thousands of years, aromatherapy has used essential oils for natural healing purposes. They are known to boost skin’s elasticity to help heal the damaged skin cells. Spend 2-3 minutes each day massaging our 100% natural Super Moisturising Body Oil into existing scars, until the skin has fully absorbed its skin-repairing nutrients and notice a reduction in their visibility over time.

3. Act fast
If you do spot them, target stretch marks as soon as possible with our Super Moisturising Body Oil. When the scars appear red/purple they are still young, and so the chance of healing the damaged skin cells is higher than if you wait to treat the scars once they have aged and become silver/white. Improve circulation by using our Super Toning Body Polish to minimise possibility of pronounced stretch marks. (Do not use during pregnancy).

4. Avoid crash dieting
If you diet regularly and find a steady weight hard to maintain, stretch marks can form as a result of this constant fluctuation. When dieting, aim to lose weight slowly and steadily and try to find a diet that is maintainable so that you do not find yourself putting the weight back on after a few weeks, which can ultimately put your skin under strain.

5. Increase your Vitamin C intake
This simple step will boost your skin’s healthiness, which can prevent and minimise stretch marks. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that your body uses to fight off toxins that hinder the skin’s healing process. Vitamin C is found in oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, cranberries, broccoli, peppers and leafy greens, try building these into your healthy diet!

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