Why you should add Vitamin C into your skincare routine

Why you should add Vitamin C into your skincare routine

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A healthy, glowing complexion is on top of all our wish lists; therefore, Vitamin C should be the main ingredient to include in your skincare routine. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will address a multitude of skin concerns including uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne scars and dullness.

We’ve highlighted the top results you will see by adding Vitamin C into your skincare routine, to leave you with glowing, radiant skin:

  1. Reduce visible signs of ageing
  2. Collagen is naturally occurring but depletes as we age, and low levels can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is well known for boosting collagen production and elastin, to keep skin firm and plump.

  3. Fades Hyperpigmentation
  4. Hyperpigmentation (age spots, acne scars, sun spots) occurs when melanin is overproduced. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce and fade dark spots resulting in an even complexion.

  5. Protects Against Sun Damage
  6. This powerful, antioxidant can protect healthy skin cells against free radicals and environmental pollution and even help your body to repair damaged cells.

It’s important to note that not all Vitamin C skincare is created equal, and many aren’t stable. We’ve used a 100% natural stable form of Vitamin C in our award-winning serum. It remains stable until its applied to the skin where it is activated by natural enzymes in the skin, delivering healthier and younger looking skin over a prolonged time period. To make it even more effective we’ve combined it with Boerhaavia Diffusa root extract (often used for pain relief in Ayurvedic medicine) which has calming, anti-inflammatory properties. Together they work in synergy to turbo charge their skin brightening and lightening properties.

To complement our best selling Vitamin C Repair Serum we have introduced the Vitamin C Brightening Eye Serum enriched with elderberry flower, green caffeine and hyaluronic acid, your under-eyes will be plump, smooth and visibly brighter.

How To Use Your Vitamin C Routine:

  • Apply a Vitamin C serum once or twice a day after cleansing and before moisturising.
  • After applying your Vitamin C Repair Serum, apply a dot under your eyes and gently dab out towards the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Turbo charge the collagen-boosting effects by partnering with our Collagen Boost Moisturiser.
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