Anti Aging Products

Anti Aging Products

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With so much on offer, different skin types and stages of aging to consider, we understand that trying to find the right products can be an overwhelming task.

Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser
Perfect for all skin types aged 25+. This non-water based cream cleanser removes all traces of make-up without dryness or irritation whilst the unique peptide complex helps strengthen collagen and elastin fibers within the skin, keeping skin plump and smooth.

How to use: Squeeze a small amount of wash into clean palms and add warm water. Gently massage all over face, keeping the eyes closed. Remove wash residue with warm water and pat skin dry. Follow with Restore and Replenish Face Cream.

Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm
A powerhouse of key ingredients, our Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins coming from kukui nut and rosehip oils as well as the key ingredient Arctic Cloudberry – a powerful anti-oxidant. This balm cleanser breaks down makeup effectively and can be used on all skin types at any stage of skin ageing, as its consistency will nourish dry patches whilst regulating oil production. The formula calms, soothes and protects the skin while cleansing and is best used with a muslin cloth to gently buff away dead skin cells and ensure skin is thoroughly cleansed.

How to use: Massage the balm into dry skin, even to break down makeup. Rinsing hands under warm water and continuing to massage will emulsify the balm, making it milky in consistency and easier to remove with a damp, warm muslin cloth. If you work in a busy city or wear makeup each day, repeat this process to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

Wonder Eye Cream
Our triple-action eye cream is suitable for all skin ages. The eye area is obviously a fragile and delicate area so protecting it from damage is an important habit to stick to. De-puff eyes and diminish dark circles thanks to key ingredients witch hazel and roman chamomile whilst using rosehip and carrot seed oils soften dry skin leaving smooth and supple skin. Lock that moisture in with our extra fine grade Hyaluronic Acid that plumps and firms this delicate area.

How to use: A tiny pump of our Wonder Eye Cream will do the trick – less than a pea-sized amount! Use your ring finger to gently press the cream into the skin surrounding the eye, from the brow bone to beneath the eye. Applying the eye cream in this way will result in brighter, lifted skin surrounding the eye (remember to avoid the lash line!).

Anti-Ageing Face Serum
Meet the smoothing and protecting, multi-tasking treatment that works to promote healthy skin cell production, strengthening collagen and elastin fibers. Perfect for those 25+ years old, this serum works to plump, lift and hydrate acting as a preventative, delaying the rate at which expression lines become deeper fine lines or wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid will bind moisture to the skin and as a result making the skin appear plump, whilst Spilanthes acmella, a flower extract increases fibroblast activity, strengthening collagen and elastin fibers and as a result helping us to battle loss of firmness!

How to use: Smooth a couple of drops onto skin after cleansing. Keep your skin care routine varied – for example, use the Anti-Ageing Face Serum at night after cleansing and beneath your moisturiser. Come morning, use the Radiance Face Oil for an instantly glowing complexion.

Facial Expression Filler
Your handbag essential. Think of this item as your on-the-go natural and subtle Botox! Whether it is used as a treatment overnight or as a targeted on-the-spot treatment, our Facial Expression Filler is designed to plump out fine lines to create a smooth and firm base for makeup. Perfect for targeting fine lines across the forehead, above the lip and at the sides of the mouth and eyes, this product contains Acmella oleracea plant extract, which helps smooth the skin and relax muscle contractions that cause fine lines and acacia gum, a natural skin refiner that firms and lifts. Not only will this product offer an on-the-spot faux-Botox effect, it is packed full of collagen and elastin-boosting properties, powerful anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid.

How to use: Apply thin layer as a final step before makeup to minimize appearance of pores and smooth skin. Alternatively, use directly onto expression or fine lines to plump and smooth specific areas of concern.

Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream
A super-rich anti-aging cream, which plumps, firms and smoothes skin to visibly reduce the signs of aging. Perfect to use from 30+ years of age or simply those who prefer to use a thicker, richer cream, perhaps at night for an intensely nourishing treatment depending on personal preference. Once again, Spilanthes acmella flower extract is a key ingredient to this high performance face cream as it supports the infrastructure of the skin, increasing collagen and elastin production and promoting firm and smooth skin. You can feel confident that your face cream is doing its part by helping build your skin’s resilience to oxygen-zapping free radicals with our powerful anti-oxidant blend.

How to use: Can be used morning and evening by those who need a rich and extra nourishing moisturiser or for those who prefer a richer, active cream only at night. Smooth onto cleansed skin, following serum or oil.

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