How I achieve my balance Mandy Oxley Swan

How I achieve my balance Mandy Oxley Swan

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Find out more about Balance Me's Head Facialist Mandy

Meet Balance Me’s Head Facialist Mandy, who helped develop the Balance Me Signature Facial . 
We ask our in-house expert about the secrets to great skin and learn a little bit more about her life and how she finds balance…

What is your skin type?
Occasionally sensitive but mainly ageing concerns such as eye wrinkles and a little pigmentation.

What one product would you take to a desert island?
Stellar Beauty Balm. For everything! Insect bites, dry lips and all over care.

The secret to great skin is…
Thorough cleansing is the cornerstone of good skin, without this everything else doesn't work effectively. I recommend a double cleanse for that professional, deep clean feeling. Make sure you really touch and massage the product in rather than just wiping it over the face.

A Balance Me product every woman should own?
The Collagen Boost Cream Cleanser as its creamy consistency suits all skin and it's scent is gorgeous. The Natural Protection SPF25 all year round to protect the skin from UV and pollution and the Tinted Wonder Eye Cream as eyes show the signs of ageing first (so prevention is key)
Lastly any of the sulphate-free body washes to start the day nicely! I always think a beautifully scented body wash is a great gift.

How do you advise someone who doesn’t have a skincare routine yet but would like to begin one?
To kick-start a routine I'd recommend the Flash Cleanse Miscellar Water as it couldn't be any easier to use and it works deeply and effectively.

Is there anything you wouldn’t use in your skincare routine?
I wouldn't use those very harsh physical exfoliants out there in the market. People tend to scrub too hard and cause damage to the skin.

Ok we’ve got our skincare routine. What else should we be doing to keep skin happy?
Drink lots of water -hydration is key! A balanced diet with plenty of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant rich foods to protect your skin is essential. Plus lots of sleep, 7-9 hours if possible!

If you had the opportunity, is there any advice you would give your younger self?
Don't obsess about a spot- and don't pick them! It will scar. Simple but very true.

Natural skincare, why is it so important to you?
There are already so many chemicals in our environment so I don't want to overload my skin and body with chemical laden products. Since my daughter was born 5 years ago I was even more concerned and wary of what to use. Natural products work for me. Our skin is our biggest organ so I want to protect it.

How do you achieve balance?
Balance means contentment to me. Women are generally pulled in so many directions albeit work, family etc that we need to find what works for us. It's really important to find something that keeps you balanced rather than feeling off kilter. A quick run, blasting a tennis ball around a court or a good facial massage works for me.

If you weren’t a Head Facialist, what career would you be in?
I’d be an alpaca keeper or anything to do with animal conservation. I belong to every animal charity there is and I hate any form of animal cruelty.

Best part of your job?
I love seeing a clients face after a facial. They look less stressed and the skin is glowing and rejuvenated.

What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?
Managing a day spa in Grand Cayman was pretty good.

Should men and women have a different skincare routine? They keep pinching our products!
Men's skin is generally thicker than women's but a simple daily routine, like any woman's works best. Cleanse twice a day, exfoliate a few times a week plus a serum and plenty of SPF and that's it. Skincare doesn't need to be complicated. If it is, its too difficult to stick to it.

How often should we update our skincare routine?
There is no hard rule on this. Change up your products when you feel you need a change. Sometimes it feels right to use a lighter moisturiser in the summer and perhaps an oil in the winter but mostly I think see how your skin feels. I believe we ‘know’ when its time to update.

One talent you wish you had?
Always wanted to learn to break dance. Maybe there's still time!

Who do you most admire?
Audrey Hepburn. An amazing actress and person but she also worked in the humanitarian field, which I greatly admire.

In your opinion what is the ‘next big thing’ either in skincare or the beauty industry?
It’s got to be more anti-oxidants and vitamins or a super molecule that solves all skincare concerns!

Mandy qualified as a therapist in 1988 and worked in the Cayman Islands before returning to the UK. In her own words “Skin is my great passion so I wanted to specialise in facials and skin care advice.”

VIDEO: Mandy's Easy Morning and Nighttime Routine. Watch >

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