International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

Posted by Rebecca Hopkins on

Have you noticed everyone is talking about caffeine?

September saw us launch our Vitamin C Brightening Eye Serum and we have blown away by the response (keep scrolling to see what we mean). Coinciding with our new product release, it's also International Coffee Day on 1st October this year and Team Balance Me are lucky enough to have the most amazing independent coffee shops right next to the office, and always start their day with a coffee fix.

So, let’s talk about caffeine. The natural stimulant wakes you up when you have your first cup, and the good news is you can do more than just sip the stuff.

Think of the way you feel after you’ve had your extra hot, extra shot Flat White (or whatever your order may be); energised, more alert and ready for what life throws at you.

When applied topically in skincare, it works wonders too and is brilliant at improving circulation and reducing under-eye puffiness! Which is exactly why we included it in our brand new Vitamin C Brightening Eye Serum.

We like to let our customers do the selling for us…


“Move over eye creams and serums of this world! This new product has to be the best discovery of the year. It is highly efficient with such a wonderful texture. And the eyes look bright and fresh. The more you use it the better the results. A must buy!”

Written by Elizabeth on 6th Sep 2021



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