Our latest edit with Instagram star @CarolinesStyleHacks

Our latest edit with Instagram star @CarolinesStyleHacks

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As busy working mothers who are obsessed with style, we are all about time-saving hacks and crafty shortcuts to looking and feeling great, effortlessly, and conveniently. When we came across @carolinesstylehacks on Instagram we couldn’t get enough of Caroline’s brand recommendations, style tips and the way she pulls outfits together. Which is exactly what she’s done with her Glow Edit, which features three brightening products with mega radiance-boosting results. That pleasurable moment where you pull on a pair of jeans that are the perfect fit, or a dress that cuts in all the right places, Balance Me products slip over your skin to leave it looking like the best version of yourself. Simple (we loathe fuss), effective and a total joy to apply.

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A note from Caroline…

Hello, I’m Caroline Cook and I am @carolinesstylehacks. As my Instagram handle would suggest, I am obsessed with clothes, style inspiration and sustainable ways of refreshing my wardrobe and overall look. From Sezane to Sea New York and Saltwater Sandals, I love taking my followers inside my wardrobe and sharing all my style secrets. I live near Glasgow, and I started my Instagram account nearly three years ago after my friends and family encouraged me to share my ideas. Over 41,700 followers later…

I try to make Considered Fashion choices without breaking the bank and this also translates into my beauty routine. I have been a fan of Balance Me for a long time.

Take the BB Hyaluronic Skin Tint SPF 25, which I apply daily for coverage and protection all-in-one. It doesn’t even require a mirror to apply it, as the sheer veil of colour is so subtle and it’s such a dream to blend.

It is a total ‘pinch me’ moment to partner with Balance Me for my Glow Edit. Whatever my outfit and wherever I’m heading, glowing, healthy-looking skin is always my OOTD and I’m only ever three products away from it. Seeing as I love sharing my secrets with you, these products are too good not to divulge! I am so excited for you to try my three daily essentials, worth £86 but yours for an incredible £50. Now that is a beauty hack worth getting your hands on! Enjoy.”

Read on for Caroline’s TOP 5 STYLE HACKS…

1. Always wear the right fit. It doesn’t matter what the size label says, no one sees that except you! You’ll feel more confident in the correct fit.

2. Proportions are key… get these right and you will always look polished. For example, I have small shoulders which I often balance by wearing lighter colours on my top half or looser fits.

3. Don’t rule out a certain colour. Try different shades/hues. I think there’s a shade of most colours to suit everyone. For example, I suit a coral red but not a red with colder tones.

4. Plan your outfit around a key piece - I usually start with trousers, a dress or jacket/coat.

5. Don’t go by outdated styling tips on what you can and cannot wear. If an item is well cut it and you get the right fit, it might work well for you. 



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