My Balance: Elle Wright

My Balance: Elle Wright

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Elle Wright is an author, campaigner (Teddy’s Legacy) and a voice for parents who have lost their children. Her book ‘Ask Me His Name’ (Lagom, £12.99) is out now.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance to me means having time to do the things that I enjoy the most, and always making time each day to walk outside and breathe in fresh air.

Favourite simple pleasures?

My favourite simple pleasure is definitely taking my pug, Boris, out for a walk each day. I love it as much as he does, and it gives me much-needed time away from staring at screens. I won’t lie, I also love a Sunday lie-in with no alarms set!

Comfort read of choice?

Sunday papers. I love lighting the fire on a Sunday afternoon and curling up on the sofa to read all of the supplements! I also adore reading cookbooks and getting inspired to try new recipes.

How do you express yourself creatively?

Writing. Since Teddy died in 2016, writing has been a huge comfort and creative outlet for me.  It has definitely been a form of therapy, and I am hoping it has helped others who have read my blog or book. I also unleash my creativity on our home, we are forever renovating it and I can usually be found planning our next project.

Which self-care ritual that makes you feel good?

I would say my morning ritual is the most important thing that makes me feel good at the start of the day.  I always start the day with hot water and lemon, a 20 minute (at least) yoga practice, and I love to make porridge with cinnamon for breakfast.  Only then can I shower and get really ready for the day. Slowing down and taking time to look after my mind and body has really helped me since we lost Teddy.

Favourite Balance Me product?

 So hard to choose, but I am absolutely addicted to the Vitamin C Repair Serum. I recently had some acne scarring from hormonal acne on my forehead, and it has completely erased it.  I also adore the Rose Otto Body Cream, I am a huge fan of Rose and this cream feels so indulgent.

Elle Wright;; @feathering_the_empty_nest

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