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Stressed skin? Here’s why this ingredient needs a starring role in your skincare regime. 

What is Niacinamide?

Beauty experts hail Niacinamide as a ‘powerhouse’ skincare ingredient to brighten and boost your complexion. But what exactly is it? We’ll tell you...

In short, Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3. It tackles a number of skin concerns to bring your skin back into balance. Packed full of anti-inflammatory properties, it's a go-to for those with sensitive skin and those pesky conditions we could all do without, like acne and redness – and especially good if your skin is feeling stressed or lacklustre. But that’s not all (we told you it was a must-have...)! It also helps to strengthen the skin barrier function, locking in moisture whilst boosting cell repair and collagen. And just for good measure, it brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation and enlarged pores, giving that all-important glow we’re all searching for. A pretty impressive lineup, don’t you think?Is your skin stressed?

Did you know that when you’re stressed, it can show up on your skin?

*Immediately switches off phone at bedtime, lights calming candle, tries to get 8 hours sleep*

Stress increases cortisol which in turn increases inflammation. It can impact the skin’s balance and make underlying skin conditions worse. Skin can appear dull, redness might flare up and you might have extreme dryness, irritation or breakouts. So when you’re stressed, your skin barrier needs nourishment and hydration to get back in sync.

Niacinamide is particularly good at bringing stressed skin back to life; helping to reduce redness and acne, and minimizing the size of pores (which in turn helps prevent breakouts- yippee!). It boosts the skin barrier function which can lead to less irritation and helps reduce the appearance of whatever day-to-day hurdles life throws at you on the skin. Now if that doesn’t make you want to add a dose of Niacinamide into your daily regime, we don’t know what will!

So, which Niacinamide product will work for me?

Convinced and ready to go? *Proud!* Introducing our brand new Niacinamide Complexion Booster, containing a potent blend of 7% Niacinamide. In short, we’ve bottled it. This water-light booster is ideal for anyone wanting to give their complexion a total overhaul and get their skin back on track.

We know, we know, we’re not the first to bottle Niacinamide. But we supercharged our blend with Glycogen which is a bit like giving Niacinamide a double espresso - it makes it work even harder. Suitable for all skin tones but fantastic if yours is prone to oiliness, we also added Zinc to help regulate the production of sebum and Clover Flower Extract to tackle enlarged and open pores. And it doesn’t end there! To ensure that moisture levels are topped up, fine lines and wrinkles are confronted and the skin’s surface safeguarded, we included the plant, Ashwagandha Extract, also known to strengthen the body’s ability to fight stress. Polysyline (a Polypeptide) also helps to rebalance the skin’s microbiome to help clear acne blemishes, plus it harnesses the skin’s helpful bacteria and weakens the harmful bacteria, for an all-round clearer complexion. We’d say that was a pretty strong cocktail, wouldn’t you? We’ll take two!

Co-Founders, Rebecca & Clare Hopkins say; “The ultimate goal is a clear, glowing complexion. The new Niacinamide Complexion Booster is such a brilliant all-rounder. We’ve seen impressive results on all skin types, helping to brighten and clarify skin, giving that almost ‘glassy’ skin effect, whilst addressing signs of stress on the skin. We all experience moments of stress, and knowing there’s a powerhouse product that can help balance skin, is reassuring for us all.”

Seeing is believing! The Beauty Panel results are in.

We tested the new Niacinamide Complexion Booster with 79 women, here’s what they had to say;

86% of the panel said they had smoother skin texture after 30 days

85% of the panel said their overall complexion skin tone had improved after 30 days

81% said their skin felt brighter after 30 days

79% said their skin was brighter, calmer, and more balanced

89% of the panel enjoyed the texture of the serum

“I love it! My skin feels baby soft, oiliness is now normal, I have noticed how much this serum has helped with this and my overall complexion is so much better, thank you!”

“I was really impressed by how much it brightened my skin and improved fine lines. I’ve had compliments from friends who presumed I was using new make-up. I was considering starting retinol but now I’m going to stick with this!”

“My skin has a healthier look to it, with more of a glow and a much smoother look and touch. It has helped to balance oily patches and occasional dry patches. I really enjoyed using this serum!”

“It was lovely to use and I will be incorporating it into my routine. The bottle and dropper are really quick and easy to use and simple to apply. I rarely use products that have a really noticeable impact on my skin, but this has! My face feels smoother and more glowy.”

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