Tackling Hygiene Poverty with The Hygiene Bank

Tackling Hygiene Poverty with The Hygiene Bank

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3.1 million adults in the UK are affected by hygiene poverty. We believe that everyone has the right to be clean, so this year we’re proud to announce that we will be partnering with The Hygiene Bank as our official charity partner of 2023.

“Charity partnerships have always been a core part of our brand and we've worked with some amazing charities over the years. We have long admired the work they do at The Hygiene Bank and decided this year that we would really step up our involvement and commit to donating 20% of our profits to support them in getting hygiene products to those under the poverty line.” - Rebecca and Clare, co-founders of Balance Me.

What is hygiene poverty?

Most of us take essential toiletries and the ability to buy them when we need them for granted. Think, period products, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and laundry detergent. But the reality for many people on a low-income, especially those who rely on food banks, is that these products are unaffordable luxuries. When you’re left with choosing between heating your home, paying your rent, eating or being clean, the latter is often one of the first to be sacrificed.

Sadly, hygiene poverty also comes with a social stigma attached that impacts all areas of life, from work and school to relationships. A lack of access to hygiene products leaves those most vulnerable feeling embarrassed, negatively impacting their confidence and self-esteem. The knock-on effects can mean they miss out on promotions or employment opportunities, and they often feel house-bound and avoid social situations or skip school or work.

What does The Hygiene Bank do?

Through a network of projects across the country The Hygiene Bank are working towards providing access to essential hygiene products to everyone living in the UK. Working with communities, businesses and thought leaders, they aim to tackle hygiene poverty and be a voice for change.

So how does it work? People and businesses in local areas collect and donate products that are taken to Hygiene Bank drop off locations. The products are then repackaged and sorted according to different community needs. The Hygiene Bank volunteers deliver the donations to local community organisations, charities, services and projects that are working to support children, families and individuals in need. These organisations will then distribute the products to the people using their services.

By October 2022 The Hygiene Bank had delivered over 1 million kg of products to over 2,715 community partners - including schools, food banks, family support services, refuges and other charities and organisation that support people with little or no access to hygiene essentials.

Our Commitment

Keeping clean shouldn’t be a luxury. This year we are committing to donate more than 20% of our profits to The Hygiene Bank and support them in their mission to provide essential hygiene products to those most vulnerable in the UK.

As always, we want to involve our community in everything we do, from our Balance Me team, to our customers and collaborators. So, we will be organising volunteering days with our team to support the local community projects with collecting and distributing products. For our customers, we will be running Buy 1 Donate 1 campaigns throughout the year, which means for every product you purchase, we will donate one to The Hygiene Bank.

If you would like to find out more ways you can get involved, please visit The Hygiene Bank website here.


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