About Us


Bringing you back into balance

Balance Me, as the name suggests is a brand that champions BALANCE. Balance in LIFE. Balance in your SKIN.

We believe five minutes of SELF-CARE, through SKINCARE can have a dramatic effect on your skin as well as your daily WELLBEING.

We’re HONESTLY NATURAL, without compromise. Our naturally active formulas use cutting-edge bio-actives to solve your skin concerns and bring your skin back into balance.

Our fragrances are 100% NATURAL with beautiful aromas, skin and mood-enhancing benefits to ensure we nurture your wellbeing as well as your skin from the moment you wake to the moment you sleep and everything in between.


Our Story

Back in 2005 long term stresses and 21st century fast paced living had taken its toll on our health and skin. We wanted to effect change and Balance Me was born.

We’d developed skin reactions over time from sensitive to hormonal breakouts, where previously we could use any skincare without consequence. We turned to natural skincare to solve our skin concerns at a time when it wasn’t highly regarded by consumers or the beauty industry. Rebecca retrained as a reflexologist after working both in Paris and the UK for a global beauty brand; Clare harnessed her passion for aromatherapy, having discovered the power of essential oils as a student, and travelled the world to learn yoga saying goodbye to a successful business career in the City.

Fast forward to today and our award-winning, clean formulas restore skin balance for every life stage and age. We’ve evolved and innovated as we’ve juggled with work, life and hit those key life milestones ourselves: from first signs of ageing, through early motherhood to parenting teenagers, hormonal changes and beyond!”


Our Natural Winning Formula

Is at the heart of what makes Balance Me unique and effective. We called our brand ‘Balance Me’ because each product has been designed to enhance a sense of balance and promote wellbeing in three ways.


They’re naturally active and work to solve skin concerns and bring the skin back into balance – this is about sourcing the right ingredients.

They’re naturally scented with aroma-therapeutic ingredients to uplift or relax – this is about blending the right fragrance from essential oils

The application of the products brings a moment of pleasurable self-care – this is about creating textures and consistencies that makes applying them a joy.

What do we mean by ‘clean, natural beauty’? When we set up Balance Me our moral compass was – and remains – set this way:

About US