Top 5 Autumnal Skincare Tips

Top 5 Autumnal Skincare Tips

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As the season changes and we begin the annual wardrobe switch over, pulling out our knitted jumpers and coats and saying goodbye to our summer dresses and sandals, we prepare ourselves for colder months ahead. Just like changing up your outfits, we need to adjust our skincare to help with those tight skin mornings, chapped lip afternoons and dry skin evenings.

  1. Try a cleansing balm:

Using a rich, buttery cleansing balm will give your skin an instant hit of nourishment. Our Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm is an antioxidant hot cloth cleanser, packed full of Arctic CloudberryRosehip Oil and a trio of natural butters all rich in essential omegas to help boost hydration during the colder months.

  2. Thicken up your moisturiser:

A thicker moisturiser will help to create a barrier to protect the skin against the harsher winter elements. Our Moisture Rich Face Cream is a dream for creating intensely moisturised and hydrated skin. Containing Rose Absolute Oil to help soothe sensitive and sensitised skin and Arctic Cloudberry to help protect against environmental damage. Our Stellar Balm is also a little miracle worker to pop into your bag, it can be used all over, and we mean all over (cuticles, knuckles, lips, elbows, you name it, we’ve tried it) to replenish, moisturise and protect all day,

  3. Stay hydrated:

Hydration is the key to plump and glowing skin. Of course drinking plenty of water is key, however you could also try switching your morning coffee for an anti-oxidising green tea. If you’re finding that your skin needs some extra radiance our Radiance Face Oil helps to improve skin’s natural lustre. Two drops of this in the evening after moisturising (or in place of) will lift dull and tired skin overnight, leaving your glowing by morning!

  4. Don’t forget the rest of your body:

Elbows, legs and hands can really suffer during the winter, so keep them as smooth as possible with our Nourish Body Range. Our Super Moisturising Body Wash is perfect for even the most sensitive skin, its creamy formula is naturally foaming, to not strip the skin of any oils. Its packed full of Shea Butter to keep your skin soft and silky, Benzoin to heal and calm skin and Yarrow, a powerful healing herb with anti-inflammatory properties – making this wash excellent for eczema prone skin.

  5. Don’t skip out on catching those ZZZ’s:

Sleep has a huge effect of all parts of the body, especially the mind and your skin. Lack of sleep can affect the moisture levels in your skin, which is what can contribute to you feeling extra tight in the morning. Our Beauty Hyaluronic Sleep Mist contains full spectrum Hemp Seed Extract and many other beautiful sleepy oils to help relax the body and mind to help you get a full night's rest. The mist is designed to be spray onto your neck and chest, so that they Hyaluronic Acid can get to work on hydrated and plumping an often overlooked area.

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