How to deal with maskne and other mask triggered skin concerns

How to deal with maskne and other mask triggered skin concerns

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As we slowly move into our new normal, face coverings are now an essential item for us all. However, mask wearing can trigger breakouts, irritation and sometimes worsen skin issues that already exist due to the hot, damp, and close-fitting nature of the mask. You don’t need to suffer though, read on for our simple tips on how to help avoid and calm the most common skin issues associated with wearing face masks.


Nicknamed ‘maskne’ its very common to experience an increase in  breakouts around your chin, cheeks and nose. A mask traps your own breath creating a warm, moist environment resulting in clogged pores leading to breakouts. Constantly touching and adjusting your mask will transfer oil and dirt to your skin that can also lead to further breakouts.

We would recommend:

  • If possible, wear a mask from breathable natural materials such as layered silk or cotton.
  • Wash your reusable face mask on a high temperature after every use.
  • Try and stop wearing foundation because this might make your breakouts worse.
  • Use a Micellar Water immediately after removing your mask to gently cleanse your skin of sweat and dirt.
  • Double cleanse at night to thoroughly clean the skin. We love using our micellar water followed with our hot cloth cleansing balm to gently lift away impurities, make up and SPF.
  • Spritz your chin and cheeks regularly with our gently exfoliating PHA Clarifying Mist to clear any build up in your pores and to balance oil production. This can be used both morning and evening, and also throughout the day as needed.
  • Apply a targeted spot treatment, like our Congested Skin Serum on individual blemishes and areas prone to breakouts.


Wearing a mask can really throw off your skin’s natural balance, and you may start to experience dryness, irritation, and even inflammatory conditions like  rosacea. The constant friction of the mask against your skin can also result in itching and redness. It’s essential you protect and restore your skin’s natural barrier by moisturising and wearing sunscreen daily.

We would recommend:

  • Make sure your skin is well hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day.
  • Apply our antioxidant rich moisturiser in the morning with a couple of drops of our nurturing Rose Otto Face Oil to strengthen and calm compromised skin. Applying a layer of moisturiser at least 30minutes before putting on your mask can help to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Don’t leave the house without applying an SPF.


Wearing a mask for long periods can also cause pigmentation, darkening the skin in the areas the mask rubs.

We would recommend:

  • Wear a well fitted mask to prevent as much friction as possible and choose soft natural fabrics.
  • Apply our Vitamin C Repair Serum daily to even out skin tone. Our serum also includes hyaluronic acid to help to keep your skin hydrated.

Rebecca and her daughters are wearing silk face masks from Needle & Thread

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