The Menopause Years – Skincare To Support And Balance

The Menopause Years – Skincare To Support And Balance

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The perimenopause and the menopause are an inevitable stage in our life journey for 50% of the world’s population. Skin problems are a big issue during the menopause. In the run up to menopause (perimenopausal period) women will notice these changes in their skin. This starts from approximately mid 40s onwards where oestrogen levels start to decline. For some women this can lead to the development of acne, others may start to notice dryness and red patches on the skin.

Menopause is determined from one year post your last menstrual cycle. Average age of a women in the UK to reach the menopause is 53.

At menopause and afterwards, the body goes into a relatively oestrogen-deficient state. Lack of oestrogen is the most common cause of post-menopausal skin issues.

If you are starting to experience symptoms, we recommend speaking to your GP for support. “I’m a big advocate for HRT” says Dr Naomi Potter, GP, and Menopause expert. She recommends trying body identical HRT delivered through the skin in the forms of gels, patches, and sprays, which will help alleviate symptoms in most women.

Skincare to support your hormonal changes

We would really recommend having a streamlined arsenal of products, that support your skin and help bolster the skin’s barrier. Look for kind and nurturing ingredients that will help bring your skin back into balance.

  • Always apply your skincare using upwards strokes to help to life and support the skin, counteracting sagging which is caused by the reduction in collagen.
  • Always apply SPF every morning to protect your skin and help prevent pigmentation / dark spots.
  • Avoid gritty exfoliants and aggressive ingredients that can compromise your skin’s natural barrier.

Our solutions for the most common menopausal skin concerns

Dryness: The loss of oestrogen makes everything drier, so look for skincare that is rich in Hyaluronic Acid to plump and soothe the skin. Our Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum contains multiple weights of hyaluronic acids are proven to be more effective than any singular molecule to offer inside-out hydration.

Breakouts: Just like in our teen years, hormonal changes can cause acne and breakouts. Exfoliate a couple of times a week with our gentle mist to restore radiance and reduce breakouts. Then apply our powerful, yet calming, on the spot treatment to reduce inflammation and redness fast.

Pigmentation: Help reduce dark spots and encourage cellular turnover with vitamin c in the morning and bakuchiol in the evening. To prevent any pigmentation getting worse, wear plenty of SPF every day.

Redness: Calm and reduce redness linked to sensitivity while strengthening the skin with radiance boosting oils, rich in fatty acids. Our rosehip and squalane-rich face oil protects and sooths even the most delicate skin.

Hot Flushes: Reduce the heat and inject an instant shot of hydration to thirsty skin with our fuss free, multifunctional cooling mist. Keep in the fridge and reapply throughout the day.

Sleep Deprivation: Before bed spritz our Hyaluronic Acid-rich mist onto your chest and neck. Your body heat helps to activate the sleep inducing oils to help you fall and stay asleep for longer. Can be applied with our pulse point, that helps to sooth the mind and help to fight sleeplessness linked to anxiety and stress.

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Watch our co-founder Rebecca in conversation with  Dr Naomi Potter, GP and Menopause expert, and our head facialist Mandy Oxley-Swan for more tips and tricks to help with the menopause.

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